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BG Word Jumble

title:BG Word Jumble
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:October 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG word jumble is an anagram style game from Spoonbill games for Windows. Rather than being (as many of their other word games have been), a Scrabble type of game where you must arrange letters in a grid to form words, Word Jumble is all about anagrams.

The game is played over three rounds of five jumbles each. Each jumble is a scrambled word the player needs to make sense out of. Use Your arrow keys to rearrange the letters (or type on the keyboard). You can receive up to two hints if your too stuck, or skip the current jumble for another one, however this will knock a hefty chunk off your final score. Each set of jumbles is also one letter longer than the previous, meaning that a person must have an extensive knowledge of the English language to win.

The game has many of the same customization options familiar from Spoonbill's other titles. The game uses MS sapi to be self voicing, has High contrast and large graphics for visually impaired players, background music in midi and a log of your best scores. Also like other spoonbill games, BG word jumble is totally free.

Happy Jumbling.


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