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BG Word maze

title:BG Word maze
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:August 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Blind gamers word maze is a new game from Ian Humphries which combines the word games he's well known for, with a new type of challenge, solving mazes. The game takes the form of 7 rounds in which players must make their way through a maze picking up first four, then five, six etc letters along the way. Each maze is played on an alphanumeric grid starting at A1 at the top left corner and progressing to the bottom right along a hopefully continuous path (assuming you don't get side tracked along the way).

Once you reach the end of the maze and have collected all the letters, you need to make a word using all of those letters anagram style. If you can make a word using all the letters you score two points a letter, however if you bale out early and want to submit a shorter word using only some of the letters you just score one point per letter. You can also obtain hints with the H key for the cost of one point a hint which can tell you the first, and last letter of the scrambled word.

As usual with Ian Humphries games, everything is self voicing with microsoft sapi, and the game contains high contrast graphics and a maximized window for players with some useful vision. There are a large number of helpful keys to add the little extra touches of convenience, such as the F4 key used to reorder the letters of your scrambled word to help you spot patterns, and several keys for shuffling the letters around, as well as getting information about your maze position.

Also as per Ian Humphries trademark, the game can play midi files as background music, and retains statistics and high scores if you want to challenge yourself or others. Also as with all of the other Spoonbill Blindgamers series, it's entirely %100 free.

Happy puzzling.


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