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BG Cribbage Solitaire

title:BG Cribbage Solitaire
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:January 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Cribbage Solitaire, also known as Cribbage squares is one of the easiest solitaire games to understand and play, yet slightly less easy in it's execution. The principle is simple and resembles that used in BG Poker Solitaire A player turns up cards from the pack and places them in a 5 by 5 grid. In the grid, each vertical column and horizontal row of cards will form a 5 card Cribbage hand. The object therefore, is to place the cards to best advantage in order to form the highest possible 10 Cribbage hands, a task which will take skill, luck, and a mind for Sacrifice. It's also worth noting that this game will be harder than similar games due to the somewhat arcane rules of scoring Cribbage hands, though if you want practice at this you can always try playing Bg Cribbage

The BG version, as with all Bg titles contains what you would expect to make the game as accessible and easy to play as possible. All text is output to Microsoft sapi, and a variety of keys exist for exploring the grid as well as scoring the different Cribbage hands. For vision impaired players, the cards are magnified and the game can be played with a maximized window, and for everyone the game can play midi music in the background while it is running.

Happy Cribbing.


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