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genre:Arcade Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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BariBari Samurai is a departure from Keroro's other games, since it is not a sports game (unless you hold fights to the death to be a sport) of course.

In the game you play, as the tutorial puts it a brave Samurai, and must defeat a number of opponents in sword fights. You can choose to use either the number row or the letter keys on your keyboard to swing your sword to block in coming attacks. If you block enough hits, you will hear a sparkle sound which indicates you have a chance to strike your enemy, however fail to block more than five attacks and you'll meet an honourable death in battle, but also lose the game. To learn the keys, you can either look at the help or listen to the in game tutorial, which will also let you hear the sound for sword swings and for a chance to attack.

To win, you need to defeat a number of opponents dependent upon your difficulty, 5 on easy, 10 on normal and a massive 50 on hard. Though the gameplay may sound familiar in audio terms, the fact that chances to attack are slightly irregular will provide some unexpected challenge.

another interesting thing about the game is that while it is completely playable with just the sounds and music, it also features graphics, however these do not give any indication to sighted players of when to attack, making the game a perfect one for competition (albeit unfortunately the internet scoreboard does not seem to be available at this point).

While not a complex game, especially in comparison to Keroro's later offerings, it's worth a try if you want to slay some foes.


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