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BariBariBaseball 3

title:BariBariBaseball 3
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features:text, sound, visuals
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This is a new baseball game from Kororo, who came on the gaming scene back in 2011. The game has everything a real baseball fan would want. You can play a full season, you can try and win the Pennant, play in the world series, and even play against people online! The rosters are current from 2011, but the names were changed slightly so he wouldn't get in trouble. You can still clearly tell who they are talking about though when they tell you who's batting or pitching.

While this is a great game, it can be a little difficult to understand sometimes. English is not Kororo's first language, but he does a pretty good job with it

When you start the game, you have many menu choices. Say you wanted an exhibition game.. You'd select that, pick your team, mess with your lineup/batting order if you want, and then the game begins.

When you are at bat, you can choose to have the computer hit for you, or you can try to hit the ball by listening to the tones that come through your headset. There are nine different swings. For example, the number five will hit the ball right in the middle of the plate if that's where the pitcher throws it. You use the number to swing your bat if you chose manual hitting. If you don't want manual hitting, you get to choose if the computer will swing at the ball with a contact swing, power swing, bunt, or normal swing. It may sound difficult, but you'll get the hang of it pretty clickly.

When pitching, you get several pitches to choose from. You can even pick your location of where you want to throw the ball. You can intentionally walk someone, use pickoff moves, and all the things you'd see in a normal baseball game.

The game has great sounds, and it even has sapi telling you every thing that's happening on the field. You can pick which ever sapi voice you'd like to use for the announcer.

The game costs around 40 dollars, but it's well worth it. Hours and hours of playing time, if you start a season which is 162 games, or go for the Pennant and championship. The pennant is what you win before the World Series. It means your the best team in the league you're in. There's the national league, and the american league. In the world series, the best team from the American League, and the best team from the National League play each other in the best of seven game series. Whoever wins the best of seven, are the champions of baseball.


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