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genre:Racing Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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The sport of motor racing has always been a quite intense one, which is why Keroro from Japan and Pcyam games are going to make it even more intense by adding bombs, missiles, lasers and any and all dirty tricks possible to get across that finishing line first.

Initially, the racing mode of the game seems simple enough. You and a rival car (or ten rival cars in grand Prix mode), take to the tracks, and try to finish first by using all your driving skills, including driving on the curb, , making use of a leading car's slipstream, employing a turbo (provided you have enough gasoline), and of course trying your best not to crash. It is in the second mode of the game, battle mode however where things start to really change. First choose your vehicle, from the tank, plane, a UFO, robot car or even the sneaky thief car, and prepare to battle. Each car comes equipped with a number of items for scuppering the opposition, everything from extending drills out from the car's sides to damage any vehicles along side it, to missiles, lasers, oil slick, and even the ability to steal items from others, after all, now it's not just coming in first that will let you win the race, but slaughtering the opposition as well.

If that isn't enough, try cannon ball mode. All of the tricks from standard mode, with the edition of extra road surfaces such as sand, water, ice and even mine fields to drive on, and the ability to grab up items from the middle of the road too, and of course, if you want extra mayhem, have another 10 cars on the track for battle or cannon ball grand prix races.

The actual racing portion of the game is simple enough to play. The track is divided into five lanes. You'll hear both the sound of your car in the centre, and a piano tone when your running straight down the middle, with your engine going off to one side or another as you drive closer to the barrier (listen out for the higher pitched Piano), along with extra stereo tones. A turn indicator will indicate right or left curves ahead, and of course to maintain the fastest time possible it'll be necessary to hug the inside of the curve, though be careful since whilst driving on the curb in the far left or far right lanes is quite possible, you will wear down your car's tires doing this.

In addition to driving sounds, you can always check the status of the race with the space keys, and of course race announcements, from your relative position and that of the opposition, to the outline of the next parts of the course will all be spoken.

In addition to choosing your mode of play, you can also select the length of the race course, from short, right up to multi lap monsters.

You might think, with the five lane setup, that controls would be simple, and indeed they are at least as far as the buttons are concerned. Use the arrows or mouse to turn, with up arrow to activate a turbo, and down arrow to stop, and the A key to grab an item or head into the pit stop, whilst z x c and v activate the items in your car's bag of tricks, enter gives a quick report of the race, and space bar lets you enter a status menu to get a more detailed overview.

What is less easy, is the actual control of your car, since, since like real cars, turning quickly, and positioning yourself well, especially whilst being blown up by bombs, hit by chains and all the other unfortunate things that might happen to your car during the races.

The game has a free to play demo which will let you play one race in any of the modes, and give you full access to all four practice courses, and the lessons which teach you how to drive, you will also get access to the standard car, tank and racing car in battle mode as well. The full versions of the game however comes with far more races available, an entire tournament worth in fact, plus access to all 7 cars in the battle modes, and the self voicing option for the game. Best of all, in both games, you can register and race against others over the internet for world wide competition.

As with all of Pciam's other titles, Baribariracing also possesses graphics. Much like a racing game on an old school console, the colourful graphics let you view the track from above, though interestingly enough, since the graphics only show you the part of the course your currently on, they don't give any clear advantage to sighted players. There is even a black and white mode for those who might need it.

The game costs 20 usd and can be bought from the above sight.

With a host of racing options, lots of weapons to satisfy your destructive tendencies, plus many courses and tracks available to race on, either against the computer or against others, this is likely the game all racing fans have been waiting for, and thus comes highly recommended.


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