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genre:Traditional games
features:text, sound, visuals
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BariBariReversi, is Keroro from Japan's rendition of the game known as Othello, or reversi, a board game of skill, logic and tactics.

Played on an 8 x 8 board, with roes and columns numbered and lettered similarly to a chess board A1 to H8, each player takes turns placing black or white disks on the board. If a line of disks horizontally, vertically or diagonally can be surrounded front and back by disks of the opponents' colour, all disks in that line are captured, flipped over and change to the opponent's side. The object of the game, is to play until all 64 board squares are filled, at which point the one who occupies most of the board is declaired the winner.

As well as the high quality music and sound expected of Keroro's titles, not to mention full graphics support for the game, The BariBari version also contains a bunch of helpful ways of overseeing the board. For example, using control and the arrows you can quickly review the board without coordinates spoken, whilst hitting the f keys will report various pieces of information such as the status of the current line or column, and which player's colour controls most of the board.

You can even get a play by play of the game when finished, and see what went wrong, or upload the play by play to the internet to show everyone how brilliant (or otherwise), you are.

Speaking of the internet, as well as play against the computer on various skill levels, the game also lets you play online against other human players, provided you register on the server first.

As is usual with several of Keroro's other titles, the game outputs to several screen readers, the clipboard, or uses microsoft sapi to be self voicing.

Those who want the setup as a zip file can Download that here, and as usual, instructions on how to play, including the full rules of Othello, can be found on the above website.

With great sound and music and all the features you want, this is definitely a fantastic presentation of a classic game.


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