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genre:Strategy Games
developer:EDuardo Chimenos Sanchez de Badajoz
release:august, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
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From the same developers who brought you Fruitpot, comes another fruity and addictive expantion to another traditional game, this time the grid based game of battleships.

Rather than two naval commanders trying to sink each others fleets, Battlefruit sees two rival chefs each trying to be the first to create delicious fruit smoothies.

Despite the change in occupation, the initial idea of the game remains the same. Choose one square from your opponents grid; the Boal of water where they've hidden all their fruits), to stab your fork into, trying to spear a piece of fruit. Since each piece of fruit takes up multiple squares, multiple hits are necessary to capture it. Try to grab all the fruit from your opponents' side before they get all of yours and you win.

Battlefruit however adds far more to the traditional battleships game than only a healthy option. Firstly, both the fruit you're required to find , and the shape of the water bath you're searching vary quite a bit, meaning that often a bit more looking around is necessary once you uncover a piece of fruit than just hitting across and down. The really major change to gameplay however, comes in the form of utensils.

Though you can use your fork as many times as you like, you also can carry a limited number of other kitchen implements with you. These include the knife, which hacks 3 squares in a row in one turn, the spoon, which cannot pickup any fruit, but reveals all 9 spaces in a 3x3 grid when it is used, the tongs, which can pick up an entire fruit even if you only hit one square, and the dreaded blender, which works similarly to the spoon, accept that it also slices and dices any fruit pieces in a 3 x 3 radius when it's used. You can also drop icecubes into your opponent's grid, which will freeze them, forcing them to miss a turn when they're hit. Since you have only a maximum of six of each tool with you, this means you must use them carefully if you intend to win.

The game's accessibility has been carefully worked out from the start. Your opponent's grid is shown in the top portion of the screen, with your grid at the bottom, and vo will read out both the letter and number coordinates of each square, as well as what it contains if it's already been revealed. In the Centre of the screen, are buttons to start the game, check your kitchen draw before a battle, or shake your board to mix up the fruit, as well as a listing of what fruits you need to find.

Playing the game is perfectly simple, just double tap a square to use a fork, or swipe vertically to select a utensil and double tap to use, then wait for your opponent's turn.

The game contains literally over 1000 levels to play against the computer, battling to make the best smoothies. Additionally, a multiplayer option is available to test out your fruit battling skils against other human players, with each player taking a turn then waiting for their opponent.

With stars to earn, and an astounding number of recipes, you're never short of something to work for.

The game is entirely free to download and play, however those kitchen utensils aren't free. Though players will earn some as daily prices, or occasionally for completing levels, you can also keep your kitchen draw stocked by buying utensils with in app purchases, ranging from 5 of each utensil for just one dollar, up to 50 of each for 5 dollars.

As with all Ios titles, the game has it's own page on applevis.

With high quality music and sound effects that perfectly highlight the game, a variety of contrast and print size options useful for low vision users, and a fun atmosphere to counter the surprisingly challenging gameplay, Battlefruit is a great example of how to update a classic.


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