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Bc 4000

title:Bc 4000
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Jianfeng Wu
features:text, sound, visuals
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Bc 4000 is a combination of not one, but two huge, deep and complex strategy games, tied together into one awesome package, and compressed onto a convenient mobile interface.

The first, is the game's "civilization model", mode. In this mode, begin in, yes the year 4000 Bc and guide a civilization to dominance over the world. Found cities and race with other nations to develop technologies , produce a military, make money and expand.

The game gives you so much control over your civilization's development it's actually a little daunting. Choose a style of government from despotic to democratic, research civilization upgrades from horse riding to bronze age technology, to development of steam power, and build wonders such as Michael Angelo's cathedral, Bach's concert hall or the great wall of china. Manage each of your cities, so that your population doesn't become dissatisfied, balancing trade and economics with the needs of expansion and war.

You can even engage in diplomacy with other nations, form treaties or alliances, or of course, just stomp them into the mud. BE the most advanced civilization in 4000 years, or launch a space flight to alpha centauri to win the game.

As well as letting you play alone, or with other nations on a variety of difficulties, the number of rules, customizations and maps available is endless. Play on different continents of the world, or completely made up worlds, take your place as empires from Roman, to Mongol, to English, or completely customised, there are even augmented rules which add yet more mechanics to the game, and let you really play in any way you want.

Of course, all of this complexity does make for a complex interface, though the developer has shown an astonishing ability to work with members of the Vi community to make his game completely accessible. Thus, all squares on the map are labelled, and you can always scroll through your available units turn by turn to follow their actions All turn reports, details of world happenings, and controls even for the most complex actions in your civilization are also read by voiceover.

The second mode added to the game, is galaxy mode, also called master of Orion mode after the popular strategy game. Now, the grid based map is no longer a map of planetary continents showing water planes and hills, but a map of the galaxy showing star systems, planets and a range of different stellar types. Now, take your space fairing civilization out to conquer the galaxy. Set planetary production, modify and customise your own forms of ships, with a handy menu, and play for stellar resources.

As with the initial civilization mode of the game, the interface here is a complex one, with a large and labeled grid, along with buttons showing the stats of your current unit, as well as your various space colonies, ships and other assets, though everything is fortunately labeled and completely accessible.

With dozens of maps available for both modes of the game, and even the ability to draw your own, Bc4000 is truly the answer to literally hours of gameplay. And best of all, it's entirely free.

As with most Ios titles it also has Its own page on Applevis found here For further discussion of the game.

Happy conquering.


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