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genre:Traditional games
developer:Vbs games
release:September 2011
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Written on a cruse ship by a developer irritated at winning nothing in public bingo, this is possibly the first audio game written in international waters.

The Bingo program is made up of two parts, and is intended to let people with computers run games of Bingo, particularly online using chat programs like Skype or Forthepeople. The program is made up of two components, the Bingo Caller, and the bingo card. obviously, the person running the game uses the Bingo caller to call out numbers, while people running the Bingo card part of the program can navigate around the cards with the arrow keys and mark called numbers with the space bar.

Once a player as the correct score for the game, four corners, a line etc, the player and the caller can check numbers with the c key.

all speech comes in the form of recorded voice samples, also recorded in international waters. Note that as it was developed with Bgt see index You'll need that installed in order to run the program.

Though not intended as a single player game, Bingo could be fun if you've got a bunch of friends on internet chat or a party of people with their own laptops, ---- and no, unfortunately the program doesn't despense money if you win.


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