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Blackbox, infamous puzzles

title:Blackbox, infamous puzzles
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Ryan McLowd
release:May, 2017
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


blackbox is a very difficult game to describe, and yet one of the most addictive you will find. Each level of the game is a challenge with one or more lights, your object is to complete the challenge by lighting them up. How do you do that? Well that is the question. As a hint, the subtitle of the game is "think outside the box", and remember there are a lot of things your Iphone/Ipad can do that you might not normally consider as part of the game, after all an Iphone is a complicated piece of hardware what with it having a camera, microphone, gyroscope and all sorts of functions. (yes this description is rather cryptic but Black box is one game that is best experienced rather than described)

Each level comes with a rather obscure visual clue (and sometimes a sound one), however if your absolutely stuck you can use hint credits which can be bought in the game as in ap purchases and can reveal increasingly more helpful hints for each puzzle. Hint credits can also be earned through other ways such as sharing the game on Twitter or facebook.

Though the clues are nominally graphical, all the buttons are described, indeed given the complexity of the game the amount of work that has gone into making everything fully voiceover accessible has been quite extensive, even down to adding some extra functions to the Voiceover rotor to aide navigation. Just bare in mind all challenges actually are possible so long as you think outside the box.

The game is absolutely free to download and comes with an initial fifty levels each containing 1-6 puzzles. In addition to buying hint credits, you can also buy extra packs of levels , these cost £2, or $4 each.

As with all Ios titles, you can check out Blackbox page on Applevis for more information.

With some truly brain bending puzzles and a wonderfully practical approach to problem solving, you will find yourself spending lots of time stuck in Black box working out how to make one more light appear, so if your at all interested in quirky, puzzles that challenge the way you think and might just infuriate this one comes highly recommended.


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