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Blank block

title:Blank block
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Lighttech interactive
last edit by:Dark


Blank block is a self voicing puzzle game similar to the board game known as Haku in the USA, and Peg solitaire in the UK, and was originally submitted to the 2006 Donationcoder.com competition.

Sound easy? Try it on master level difficulty with a 32 x 32 board. Blank block also adds some of it's own special rules to the initial game concept. Every successful move, and clearing of a full column or row earns a player points. By spending points, a player can move a piece into an empty space without jumping another piece, thus it's always possible to clear the board, though only at a cost.

the object of the game is of course to get rid of all the pieces in as few moves as possible, and rack up the highest score.

the game is entirely self-voicing, and features two optional feedback modes, voice mode (by recorded speech), or sound mode. It contains plenty of music and high quality sfx throughout the game, and several useful keyboard keys for examining the board by each row and column. You can view statistics of previous games, save and load up to five games at once in different slots, and keep a local scoreboard of your ten best scores. Best of all, it's free!

Though Lighttech's site has vanished from the internet, the fantastic audiogames archive has fortunately preserved all their software, plus This audio dependencies package, which might be of help if your having trouble running Lighttech's games on modern windows.

Happy jumping.


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