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Blastbay game toolkit

title:Blastbay game toolkit
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developer:Blastbay studios
features:text, sound
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The blastbay game toolkit, (BGT as it's known), was a tool for creating audiogames, produced by Blastbay studios in 2010. The tool included a simple scripting language, as well as various game examples which could be used to teach a variety of programming concepts, as well as a number of example games.

Though used to create various games from Crazy party to Blastbay's own Palace Punch up, supporting the project was proving too difficult for Blastbay, and so the toolkit was released as freeware. While the installer used to be hosted on the Audiogames archive, Phillip has requested for the link to be removed as he no longer wants to provide support for it. For this reason, BGT's licensing status here is now considered Abandonware

Recently several antivirus programs have flagged Bgt created games as viruses. Some argue that the toolkit is obsolete and that developers should move on to more mainstream programming languages, indeed several developers such as Nathantech and Oriol Gomez have begun converting their titles away from Bgt for that reason. Others however still see the tool as valuable despite the false positive flagging and lack of developer support, due to the fantastic work that has, and is still accomplished using it.


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