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Blind Quest 2, - The Frost Demon

title:Blind Quest 2, - The Frost Demon
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Windows, Macc, Steam
release:September 2020
features:sound, visuals
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Return to the world of Aetherna and the tales of Nathan the mercenary, hero of the original blind quest. Following his triumphant destruction of the crystal curse of Reldia, Nathan has set sail for another land troubled by a magical curse. The frost demon Kilius has placed a blight of winter on the ivy queen's Kingdom, and only the demon's destruction will end it. This however will not prove an easy task, since as Nathan well knows, demons are not easily slain.

Some of the game play resembles that of the first game, use a simple tab based, adventure game style interface to journey through a number of large, interconnected maps, looking at objects, finding hidden clues, talking to the island's inhabitants and solving puzzles along the way. As with the first game however, battles are common, however now Nathan's fighting is a little more involved, (and more challenging), with patterns of heavy and medium attacks from enemies, need to block or dodge, and a choice whether to use heavy or medium attacks yourself,. Blind quest 2 also adds crafting. Earn gold from your victories which can be paid to various crafters to increase the power of your weapons and armour, so long as you can find the right materials.

The dramatic game voice returns, along with the diverse environments and atmospheric ambience from the original game, and with ever stranger and more diverse places to explore which range from a volcanic island, a magical and misty swamp, or an abbey teaming with undead, this adventure is epic indeed.

The game costs just 4.99 euroes (when not on sail), and is available for Mac and Pc, (either independently or on Steam), with an Ios version coming soon. To get an idea of the game before you buy you can Go here to request the demo or< Check out the release trailer on youtube

With a good five hours of gameplay, and some fantastic environments, Blindquest 2 improves on the original and definitely brings something new to the table, so is worth checking out for any fans of light rpgs with a heavy emphasis on story.

Happy questing.


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