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Blind drive

title:Blind drive
download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
platform:Windows, Steam, Mac, Android, Ios
release:March 2021
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Donny is a pretty average guy. He's short on cash, likes a nice drive, and meats up with his grandma for dinner every Tuesday, he also makes money by offering himself as a test subject for scientific experiments. However now here he is, wearing a blindfold, handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car, with some crazy psychopath on the other end of the phone, apparently remote controlling Donny's car to run him into oncoming traffic.

This is how Blind drive begins, the first title from new developer LoFiPeople. Any veteran audiogamers might assume this is a fairly simple outing, just use left and right arrows (or your gamepad), to steer Donny's car left and right to dodge oncoming traffic, much as in the classic Light cars. You'll quickly find however, that dodging here isn't quite so easy. Even on normal difficulty, the speed of reactions required here is pretty tough, and that's before you have to contend with distractions from loud music and irritating insects, to torpedo dolphins, gun toting gangsters, and some truly brutal boss battles.

With a darkly comic, fully acted story in 27 chapters, featuring Donny's various exploits of cyclist murder, ice cream ram raiding, and one very angry granny, and you have the recipe for a truly epic game.

the game is fully accessible with screen reading programs, just hit shift A to have your screen reader of choice speak menus and score info.

The game costs 7.99 euroes or dollars, and can be played on a number of platforms, including the Ios and Google Ap stores, Here on the Itch.io web site, where you can find Mac and Pc versions, and even On Steam, for those who want to tangle with the client.

Happy crashing.


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