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Blinded guide

title:Blinded guide
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
release:September 2017
last edit by:Dark


blinded guide is the latest game from the well known Lworks, who have been providing classic audiogames such as Superliam and Judgement day for over 12 years now, games famous as much for their wry humour and whacky happenings as their challenging gameplay. Blinded guide, their latest arcade title is no exception.

blind Bob wants to head out for a walk around his local neighborhood, and your job is to help him. This might sound easy, however Blind Bob, being the helpless blindy he is simply walkes forward in one direction and thus is in danger from the many obstacles littering the place, ranging from poles that give ol' Bob a bad headache, to taking a swim in a local sewer or even finding himself crushed by a falling tree.

Controls are simple, hit right or left arrow to turn bob's direction to first ahead 45 degrees, then nighty to help him skirt around the various hazards you hear ahead, however make sure to turn forward again quickly since not ony do any steps in a different direction detract from your score, but also Bob's walking route happens to lie between a busy road full of traffic on one side, and a viscious dog called Oliver on the other who's favourite snack is rump of Bob. (really one wonders why this man doesn't find a safer place to go walking).

The object as with all arcade style games is to survive as long as possible, guiding Bob through increasingly dangerous walking routes in order to wrack up a high score. fortunately, a good performance will earn Bob extra lives, however mess up too many times and everything is over. If your finding things too easy, feel free to check out one of the higher difficulties, which make Bob's walks both more hazardous, and a little faster, plus on Normal and Hard difficulty you can no longer hit up arrow to instantly turn Bob ahead so need to remember what direction your walking.

With histerically whacky sound effects and even more amusing messages should Bob suffer a misfortune, this is one game where losing is almost as amusing as winning, well for everybody accept the unfortunate Bob.

The game is entirely free to play and outputs to Nvda, Window eyes or Jaws, though when using Jaws it's recommended to use j, i and l instead of the arrow keys. it can also be self voicing via microsoft Sapi. Blinded guide outputs to a number of languages with the possibility of creating other translations in the future. At the moment the available languages include English, Spanish, German, Polish, Afrikaans, Serbian, Turkish or the best of them all Pirate speak! It's also free, which, (for those only fluent in Pirate speak), means It be a prise treasure for the grabbin maties!


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