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Ears farmland

title:Ears farmland
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:February 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
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Unlike Kid friendly's other titles, Blindfold Barnyard is an entirely unique arcade matching style game for the Iphone. The principle is rather simple to understand albeit less simple to play. The player's task is to track down an endless supply of various animals which keep on straying into the barnyard, hitch them to the fence and then move them into the barn, earning points along the way.

The game is played by running a finger around the screen of the Iphone, being told the position of the closest lost animal, for example "Cow is to the northwest", then once they've been located (ie they are making a constant noise), drag them to the sides of the screen where the fences are and hitch them up, (bare in mind you need to have your finger right against the edge of your Ios device screen to get the fence). When a sufficient number of animals are hitched to the same fence, the player can swipe with two fingers in the direction of that fence to send all those animals into the barn, earning increasing numbers of points for each animal safely stowed away in one lot.

Though this sounds simple enough, bare in mind if once you grab an animal, if it escapes before it reaches the fence you will find yourself losing points. Additionally, each of the four fences at the sides of the barnyard can only hold one type of animal, if you try and hitch say a chicken to a fence containing several horses, all the animals will run away and the player will be docked even more points. This means you need to watch what goes where, especially sinse you only have four fences to play with, which can make for some very quick thinking on the fly.

There are several game modes and variations. After two practice levels (one with just a cow and one with a cow and a hog), there are several games to challenge your organizational skills. First, you can choose a time limit and attempt to score the maximum amount of points in that time limit, alternatively, you can play until you make a mistake and lose out, though again if you wish you can set the game to award you extra lives (safeties), for putting certain numbers of animals into the barn.

Additionally, you can set the number of types of animal which appear before each game to offer more challenge (it's recommended to play with at least 5 different types), and if you want additional challenges, try going into the settings menu and having animals appear more frequently, making them smaller and thus harder to locate on screen, or to have the alerts that locate the closest animal to your finger turned off meaning that it'll be just your spacial scanning skills.

Additionally, choose from one of a number of different types of barnyard, for example a harder rule where you lose not only points for each animal on the fence if you make a mistake but additional ones of the same type in the barn yard as well. Also, if the game isn't challenging enough, put a pond in the centre of the barn yard which will drown any animals you might happen to lead in there (also losing you lots of points).

For ultimate challenge try the rotation option. Have the north fence be on the left or right side (according to whether you have clockwise or anticlockwise rotation), or alternatively, play in a strange world where the fences will continue to shift position everytime you hitch an animal to it.

The settings menu is also where you can customize several aspects of the game such as in game voice speed and pitch, and whether the alerts to the closest animal (if your using them), use compass directions or clock face, eg, "Cow at two o.clock"

The game is entirely free to download and play on the first two practice modes, however other modes will take coins, with different amounts required for different games. More coins can either be bought in increasing amounts (with an unlimited pack for 10 dollars, roughly six British Pounds or seven Euroes), or can be earned by watching add videos (three add videos per coin).

additional resources

As usual with Ios releases, Blindfold Barnyard has it's own page Here on theApplevis site

Happy farming.


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