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Blindfold Bingo

title:Blindfold Bingo
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:February 2016
features:text, sound
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Bingo is a game beloved by many people around the world, and one of the quietest methods of gambling available. The principle is simple, start off with a card containing a range of numbered lettered spaces, such as B2, I3 or g52. As time passes, balls with letters and numbers are pulled from a machine, if a letter/number combo matches one on your score card, you can claim that space. Winning requires that you have certain spaces on your cards filled, for example five in a row across, a group of diagonals, or even some stranger patterns such as a letter l or d. Since there is no tracking and you have to say "bingo" to win, the game also tests your observational skills as well as random luck.

The blindfold version of the game provides you with a card that you can swipe around to examine the squares and double tap to mark a square, as well as various options to play with a number of patterns, an authentic bingo caller and some fairground music. One particularly amusing feature is to record your own voice saying "bingo" and choose to use that in the game.

The game is,l as you might imagine, heavily customisable. Choose what pattern to play for, or have a random pattern specified at the start of the game, and choose whether to play solo or add computer opponents with their own cards, thus decreasing your odds of winning. You can even customise the computer player's names, gender and play style in the game's settings.

The game is free to download and play, and starts you off with 19 coins, with each new bingo card costing a coin. More coins can be bought as in ap upgrades if your winning streak \isn't enough to keep you solvent.

For more information you can ~Visit this page on Applevis


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