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Blindfold Breakout

title:Blindfold Breakout
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
features:text, sound
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Sinse it first appeard in arcades in 1976, the game of Breakout has fascinated and delighted. Originally conceived by Atari as a single player version of the first ever video game Pong, Breakout is a very easy game to understand and play.

At the bottom of the playing area is a bat. At the top are several rows of bricks, and down each side are walls off which a ball can bounce. The object of the game is to ricochet a ball around the arena, batting it up to the top to smash the bricks (earning points in the process), while trying to make sure the ball doesn't fall off the bottom of the playing area and out of the game.

After their previous release, Blindfold Pong, Kid friendly software have followed the steps of the Original Atari and bought Breakout to the Iphone with a completely audio interface. Wearing headphones you can hear the ball's position in sterrio as it rolls around and bounces off the walls, and depending upon how you have the game set you can recieve either beeps or voice notifications on the locations of the above bricks so you have some idea where to aim your shots.

One particularly unique thing about the Blindfold version of Breakout, is the control method. As with several Iphone aps you can choose to slide your finger to control the paddle's motion, however the most recommended way of playing is to move your phone from side to side to move your paddle around like a table tennis racket, which adds an extra level of immertion to the game. Just remember to use a three finger swipe down to access the calibration menu to set how much you want to move the phone left to right.

As well as the basic breakout gameplay similar to that on the Atari, The Blindfold version has several extra features. The first is the ability to use points to buy additional balls in the inventory so that you have more chances to complete the game, or purchice exploding balls with the ability to distroy more than one brick when they hit. The second, are a number of variants of the Breakout game to choose between, such as playing with double strength or super strength bricks that require more than one hit from your ball to be distroyed, or the difficult hole in the middle variant where you might find aiming your balls a little more tricky.

Of course, it wouldn't be a true arcade classic without competing for scores, and so as well as keeping your own local scores, you can post each game to twitter or facebook as well.

The game's menus and how to play documentation are completely accessible with Voiceover, though the game also has a number of in game voiced instructions, score readings and a tutorial who's voice you can customize.

Blindfold Breakout is free to download and play from the ap store, however one thing to note is that each time you play a game on any mode accept the tutorial and the practice mode, it takes one coin. Coins can be earned for free each day by watching three video (just remember to turn your phone to landscape mode when the video starts and tap the unlabeled button in the top right hand corner of the screen when the video is done to recieve your reward), or may be purchiced in varying quantities for real money, with a donation of 14 usd earning unlimited coins so you can play as many times as you like. You can also pay for points, if your having trouble wracking up enough score to earn those inventory items.

Another additional extra available for purchice in the game, are alternative sounds for your brick smashing. Choose to make things a more musical experience with notes played from piano to Vibrophone, as opposed to the usual smashing.

Additional resources

As usual with many Ios titles, Blindfold Breakout has It's own page on Applevis found here

A podcast demo By Sarah Alawami can be found Here

Also don't forget to check the Developer's blog at the above site and subscribe your e-mail address to hear about other new releases by Kid friendly software in the Blindfold games range.

As addictive as the original was 40 years ago, with some unique twists and the modern use of interactive control methods, Blindfold Breakout is the perfect game for a quick block bursting smash, whether your an arcade score junky or just fancy five minutes carefully aimed destruction.


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