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Blindfold Color crush

title:Blindfold Color crush
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:December 2015
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Blindfold Colour Crush is Marty Schultz adaptation of the popular candy crush and bejeweled games for Ios that have taken the world by Storm. The game is played in an 8x8 grid containing various coloured blocks , and the object is to swap each block around with an adjacent horizontal or vertical block to create groups of three or more of the same colour together. Once put together, the three are removed from the grid and the player gets points, thereupon the blocks above or beside those removed slide over, hopefully also falling into adjacent groups of three making yet more points. This probably sounds far more complex than it is, but anyone who has played games like the classic tetris will definitely get the idea, and also be quickly addicted.

The game has various options to customize play. These include the ability to play to a time limit or to rack up score, additionally the game can be heavily customized by choosing what sorts of objects are matched, coloured blocks, numbers, gems, or (with a donation), even stranger things such as the flags of sports teams, gems or flowers. Audio soundpacks are also available which give sounds rather than objects named in text, for example cartoon sounds, wildwest sounds or space sounds . However you change the objects though, the addictive gameplay is still the same.

The game is available free for Ios, but as with most of the Blindfold games titles, each game costs a coin to play. Extra coins can be earned by watching add videos, or unlimited coins might be bought as an in ap upgrade, not to mention additional extras such as extra soundpacks or other categories of objects to match with.

As is usual with Ios titles, there is This page on Applevis about the game.

Happy puzzling.


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