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Blindfold Doggy

title:Blindfold Doggy
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:October 2018
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


The rather disconcertingly named Blindfold doggy is not actually a game about trying to make sure your dog doesn't see you hiding those dog biskets you just bought, actually its a simulation adventure in which you take care of one or more furry things.

Actions in the game include needing to feed your dog, give them water, take them out for walks, play with your dog and even take your dog to the vet on occasion. Uniquely, many of the actions you need to take are signified by your dog, for example when you hear your dog scratching their coat, it indicates they need a brush, while hearing your dog talk or wine probably shows they need to play.

All of the actions to take care of your dog can be found by standard swipes through the interface, for example, to put on your dog's leash, select the leash button then use a two finger swipe down to put it on, or a two finger swipe up to take it off. A three finger swipe down can be used to view your dog's status, which gives percentage indicators if your dog is hungry, needs to play etc.

Uniquely, the game runs in real time. Even when not focused, you'll get some notifications that your dog needs attention, either playing (every 20 minutes or so), feeding every few hours, taking out to do its business etc, making it a full time responsibility, and if matters get too easy, you can always try taking care of two dogs at once (each giving their barks and growls in either ear).

Correct actions such as feeding your dog, letting them play etc will earn you points, incorrect actions will lose points and if there are too many might even cause your dog to run away and find a more sympathetic owner. On the plus side, as you earn more points, your dog's sphere of activity expands, at 50 points for example you can walk your dog to town, whilst at 100 points you can let your dog off the leash for a run or even a swim in the river.

The game contains various modes of play. The practice mode with explanations is available for free, and lets you get to grips with the game. Unfortunately though, this version contains a limited amount of dog food, just 40 portions, which probably means for or five real time days of play before you need to restart with a new dog.

Various modes of play are available, though they need to be bought with in ap upgrades. The simple play mode is like the practice game, accept that it has unlimited food and water and no need to buy more supplies. The more complex adventure mode is a must for exploration fans since it contains more encounters, needs to go to the vet, and above all the need to buy toys and food for your dog when your existing supplies run out. There is an additional upgrade to purchice further toys and food too. All of the game's features can be unlocked for 12 Usd, though if your interested in trying the simple mode for unlimited play that costs just 4 Usd.

As usual there is This page on Applevis to ask questions and find out more about the game.

With a lot of options and activities and a surprising amount of ambience, this is definitely one for dog lovers or anyone whose been waiting for that pet care game.


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