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Blindfold Dominoes

title:Blindfold Dominoes
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genre:Traditional games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:August 2015
features:text, sound, visuals
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Blindfold Dominoes is a great collection of dominoes games brought to your Iphone curtacy of Kid friendly software. Dominoes probably originated in China as gaming pieces some time before the eleventh century and are now well known across the world, particularly as a game played in pubs. Dominoes themselves, are oblong tiles made of wood, plastic or even ivory, devided in half by a line in the middle with a series of pips similar to the faces of a dice on each end. The dominoes (also sometimes called bones), are referd to by the number of pips on both ends, such as five two, or sixh three, and range in value from blank blank to double six. Being placed on the table end to end, they can be used to play a number of different games, several of which are available in Blindfold dominoes, all accessible from the comfort of your Ios device with a number of simple gestures such as flicks left and right to see what bones you have in your hand or double finger taps to draw from the pile, aka the bone yard.

The games available in the Blindfold version can be played with up to three other computer opponents, and all involve players taking turns placing dominoes on the table matching each other horizontally, eg, if the first player plays a three six, the second player can play either a three or a six beside it to make a chain. If the second player plays a three four, the next player must then match a six at one end, or a four at the other. In some versions of the game, when a double is played such as the famous double six, it is placed vertically instead of horizontally to form a cross with four ends, creating four possible positions to play dominoes against, so if the first player played a three six and the second a double six, then the third a six two, the fourth player could play either a three, a two, or a six vertically against the preceeding double six. (this likely sounds far more complicated than it actually is in practice)

As in Uno and other card games, the object of most dominoe games is to be the first to run out of tiles, whereupon a person scores points according to the pips left in other players hands, eg, if a player goes out and her/his opponent had a three four and a six blank, the first player would recieve thirteen points, though depending upon the version of the game, points can be scored in other ways too. Usually the first to 500 after a number of rounds is the winner of the match, although the actual target score can be set in settings.

    The available games include:

  • Blocking: The simplest version of Dominoes, each player starts with a number of dominoes and plays until they cannot go anymore, after which the spots are counted and penalty points accumulated.
  • Blocking four ends: The same game as blocking, however when a double is played such as a double five, (known as a spinner), it is turned around to make a cross to give four ends to play dominoes against as described above.
  • Draw game: The same as the blocking game, however when a player cannot go he/she must carry on taking tiles from the bone yard until one is playable, (likely accumulating lots of penalty points in the process.

  • Draw game four ends: Exactly what it sounds lik, the above described draw game rule with the use of doubles as spinners.

  • Muggins: One of the most common varients and the first of the points games. This plays exactly like the draw game, accept that here, after someone plays a bone, both ends of the chain are added up to form a score. If the score is a multiple of five, the player earns points. So, if the first tile played was a six three, and the second player played a six two, they'd earn five points since there would now be a three at one end and a two at the other. In this version, the double five can count as a 10 rather than a five, thus meaning it's possible to score 15 points if there's a five at one end and a double five at the other.

  • All fives: The Muggins game with the spinner's rule, meaning that now there are four possible branches instead instead of two, thus leading to higher scores.

  • All threes: Exactly the same as muggins, however it's adding up multiples of three that score the points instead of multiples of five, thus meaning for example a six at one end and a three at the other would score nine points.

  • All threes four ends: Exactly what it sounds like, the all threes game with the use of spinners.

As is usual with the Blindfold games, Blindfold Dominoes is free to download, however each time any of the games is played it will cost the player a coin. Extra coins may be earned by watching advertising videos, or bought with real money as an in ap upgrade, (the unlimited pack costs 9 usd, that's 7 Euroes or 6 British pounds.

Have fun rolling the bones.

As usual for an Ios release Blindfold Dominoes has This page on Applevis With extra information and discussions about the game.

Have fun playing in the bone yard.


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