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Blindfold Flappy

title:Blindfold Flappy
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:August 2017
features:text, sound
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In 2013, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen got most of the world addicted to the idea of trying to guide a kamikaze bird through oncoming walls of green pipes in the side scrolling arcade classic Flappy bird. In this audio remake, Kid friendly software use similar mechanics, but represent everything by sound.

As in Flappy bird, the eponomous avian is flying continuously to the right while oncoming walls of pipes approach. Fortunately, the pipes have holes in them, less fortunately, a precise flyer this bird isn't. For every tap on the screen, the bird will assend roughly %15 to the top, while a swipe up will send it up more quickly and a two finger tap halfway up. The objective of the game is to try and line up the bird's flight so that it goes through the holes rather than getting knocked out on the oncoming pipes.

In the Blindfold games version, everything is represented by sound. You can choose whether the bird is represented by a rising tone, and whether or not an alternate or continuous tone is played for the hole your aiming for (the higher the tone, the closer the pipes). if you want things to sound a bit more birdlike, you can always change the tone to a bird sound instead, or even a mysteriously flying dog a frog. .

The game will let you play on a practice mode as often as you like, in which the pipes don't get any faster, however various other game modes are available to play on, including easy, medium and hard modes each featuring a smaller hole in the pipe to get your bird through, as well as a choice of playing the birds game, in which you have three birds to send to their doom before the game ends, or the traditional game which just gives you one chance before death (though you can earn extra birds by getting enough points).

As with many of the blindfold titles, playing on other modes besides practice takes coins. The game begins with ten coins to use, however more coins can be bought as an in ap upgrade, as either 20 coins for one dollar, or unlimited coins for five dollars.

With settings to customise how much the bird moves when you tap the screen, as well as general settings to change game speed, there is certainly plenty of challenge to flap through.

As with all IOs titles, the game also has This page on Applevis as well.

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