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Ears fortune wheel

title:Ears fortune wheel
download page:No link!
genre:Word Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:March 2016
features:text, sound
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Ears fortune wheel (also called blindfold spin and solve), is a fully accessible version of the popular game show wheel of fortune, which combines roulette and hangman into one addictive package.

As in Hangman your presented with a common phrase or title blanked out and need to solve it by guessing the letters, however guessing is complicated by the presence of the eponymous wheel. Each turn you must spin the wheel. Mostly it will land on an amount of (sadly virtual), money from your country of residence. This will be added to the prize fund, and if the letter you guess is in the phrase you'll earn that amount of money for every instance of that letter in the phrase. If you want to guess a vowel rather than a consonant, note that you'll need to buy it for 250 dollars (or whichever currency your using). Unfortunately, the wheel can also land on miss a turn, or even the dreaded bankrupt, which gets rid of all your winnings in one fell swoop.

'This version of the game lets you play either a solo game hangman style, where five incorrect guesses end the game, or to play against one or more computer opponents who will also guess letters, though of course to walk away with the money you will either have to enter the full phrase yourself, or complete all the letters.

As is usual with the Kid friendly games there are lots of ways to customise your playing experience. Change the number of guesses in the solo game, or whether the game gives you the same phrase again or not, also whether a player gets unlimited spins of the wheel (handy if someone is hogging the board).

the game is free to download and play, either solo or against the computer, and comes with ten coins to let you get started, however should you run out of coins you'll need to either buy another 25 coins (costing just one dollar), or the unlimited play option for 8 dollars. Additionally, though the game comes with 1200 phrases, you can buy groups of different categories offering access to even more puzzles, up to a staggering 12000 or so. All categories, unlockables etc can be bought for 24 usd.

For more information check out The Ears fortune wheel page on Applevis

With authentic quiz show ambience (including an audience to applaud you), and lots of puzzles to keep your brain busy, this is certainly a treat for word game fans.


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