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Blindfold Hopper

title:Blindfold Hopper
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
features:text, sound, visuals
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Blindfold Hopper was the second game from Kid friendly software after Blindfold racer. Blindfold Hopper is definitely intended for experienced arcade gamers, particularly those with a bit of eighties nostalgia. Being a cross between Flappy bird and the classic Frogger, the object (as in the latter part of Frogger), is to jump your frog between moving lilly pads in a stream while avoiding various hazards including death by drowning, starvation, or attacks from aligators and nasty eagles.

As the game begins in it's basic mode, you will hear lillypads in the left or right sterrio field represented by various random musical themes. By turning your phone, you control which direction your frog faces and the angle of your jump. When you've centered a moving Lillypad, you can hop by tapping the screen. While each successful hop earns the player ever increasing amounts of points, suffering one of various fates will lose the lot, and sinse the lillypads get faster and faster, it's up to the experienced player to know when things are getting too hot.

In the basic version of the game, you can play a number of levels with moving lillypads of smaller sizes, meaning the sound of their musical themes needs to be more precisely aimed before you jump. Packs of later levels can however be purchiced from the game store, or played once they've been unlocked by earning 1000 points on a previous level, though bare in mind to play any level but the practice one takes one coin and you start off with only 15 coins and must earn extra each day by viewing add videos.

Purchicing various extras however will make for a far more fun experience. Firstly there are different packs of levels (and once purchiced you can play them as often as you like). Some levels add an alligator who will lunge out of the water and eat you if your too slow to hop off a lily pad. Others will have you required to snag one or more flies before you jump, or risk dying of exhaustion even if you do make your trip. Still others will have a hungry eagle who will occasionally swoop in trying to make a meal of you, meaning you need to duck with a double finger swipe down. Sinse later levels can feature any or all of the above, plus different size and speed of floating lillies, things can get quite chaotic.

In addition to earning points for bragging rights, (which can be posted to twitter or facebook), you can also use those points to buy several extras. These include the ability to change a number of special variables, for example to choose her points are saved automatically, or whether you earn double points. You can also change the speed of the gator and have some extra sound clues added to help you know when you need to hop it. As well as these upgrades, points can also be used to buy several handy tools such as control over wind to help you make jumps faster, life rafts to float to safety should you take an accidental swim, and even some sleeping darts to stun that nasty gator and give you time to make an escape.

With a lot of features, Blindfold Hopper is a game that is surprisingly addictive, albeit you probably won't notice as much on the first couple of levels, though for arcade gamers who want the new twist of controlling a classic style game by waving a phone around, this is definitely a must have.

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