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Blindfold Juggle

title:Blindfold Juggle
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:December 2015
features:text, sound
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Blindfold Juggle is a decidedly strange arcade game based on the age old acrobatic trick of seeing how many objects a person can keep in the air without dropping. In Blindfold Juggle however, it's not balls or clubs you'll be tossing, but a variety of different animals. At the start of the game, double tap on the screen to toss up an animal or bird, then listen out for the sterrio sound of the descending creature to make sure your phone is under it when it comes down since if the hapless creature falls to the ground the game is over.

Of course, the more animals you can keep in the air at once, the more points you get. This is complicated however by the fact that all of the animals are different weights, and the amount of time they take to descend can vary quite a lot, after all a canary weighs far less than a horse. Since you also need to make sure the members of your your airborn zoo don't crash into each other as you toss them, gameplay can get quite tactical.

If all this doesn't sound tricky enough, you can complicate matters by choosing to either play a bounce or juggle game. Where the bounce game simply requires you to position your phone under a descending animal to shoot it back into the air, the juggle game needs a snap of the wrist when an animal is coming in for a landing, and of course the more force in your wrist snap, the more powerful a throw you give to the animal.

Two different control methods are available for the game. You can choose to center the sound of the falling animal by moving your finger on the screen, or actually turn your phone and body into position instead, in a method reminiscent of Blindfold Pong This can make for some extremely unique gameplay as you practice your coordination and judgement to develop astonishing juggling skills.

Just to confuse matters even further, your juggling efforts don't have to be confined to this planet either. Choose to juggle anywhere from earth's moon with it's one sixteenth of earth's gravity to Jupiter where gravity is over 200 times greater than your used to, and see what affect this has on your creature throwing.

As is usual with the games from kidfriendly software, Blindfold Juggle can use the system voice on Ios to be self voicing or run through voiceover. The game is entirely free to download and play,however each game will cost one coin (though playing the practice mode is entirely free). You begin with ten coins, New coins can be earned through watching add videos, or varying amounts of coins (including unlimited coins), can be bought with an in ap upgrade in varying amounts (the unlimited option costs 10 usd)..

As is usual with Ios games, there is This Blindfold Juggle page on the Applevis site should you want more information about the game.

Happy bouncing.


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