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Blindfold Pool

title:Blindfold Pool
download page:No link!
developer:Kid friendly software
release:April, 2016
features:text, sound
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Games like Billiards, pool and snooker in which players must poke balls with a stick so that they knock into each other and launch each other into various pockets around the sides of a rectangular green baize table have been popular sports for the last couple of hundred years, becoming staples in pubs and pool halls across the world. Now brought to your Iphone thanks to Marty Sholtz of Kid friendly software, Blindfold Pool gives you all the thrills and tactics of several games of pool, even with authentically noisy Pool hall ambience if you wish (though you will have to provide your own alcohol).

The game's principles are easy to understand, though slightly less easy to master. Before making each shot you can explore the table by exploring the screen, which tells you what balls are around as well as what pockets are closest, you can then select a ball by tapping with two fingers. Once a ball is selected you shoot by performing a flick on the Iphone screen, with the speed of your flick dictating the power of the shot (note that long, slow flicks produce slower shots than short fast ones). If you have calculated your speed correctly you'll make the shot and pocket the respective ball, however too little power and the ball might run out of steam before hitting the pocket, whilst too much will cause a scratch in which your imaginary cue ball lands in the pocket, meaning the ball is replaced on the table, you earn no points and (when playing against the computer), play passes to your opponent.

For those who want an easier method of selecting shots there are two other methods available. Swiping left with two fingers will let you select a ball with a possible shot, then touch one of the six pockets at the left or right top, middle or bottom of the screen to aim for, whilst swiping up with two fingers will select a number of possible shots, pockets and all.

The game contains a variety of customisation options available, these include types of tables, fast, medium or slow, with the faster tables giving you a greater chance of the balls hitting the pockets. You can also choose to play on a table where you need to aim your shots as well. In this method, after either selecting a ball from the table or a shot from either list, you need to move your finger around the table until you hear a ding which indicates the shot is lined up, then swipe in the direction of the pocket. This also gives you true mastery over the table for those who want to make breaks and trick shots.

For those who want more realism, the game's settings also lets you have the option to need to chalk your cue occasionally, or risk your shots getting worse and worse. Do this by rapidly pinching your fingers in on the screen from the sides.

As usual in the Blindfold games roster a number of different game types are available, each with slightly different rules for a different playing experience:

  • Practice game: a solo game where you get to practice shots and making the break. the game ends after you pot four balls (which can even happen on the initial shot with the break if your lucky.

  • Straight pool: played either solo or against the computer all you need to do (to quote a certain popular English Snooker themed qgame show), is "pot as many balls as you can." Either play on your own or challenge computer players of varying skill level.
  • Straight pool fixed target: Same as the initial straight pool option, however when only one ball is left on the table a fresh 15 balls are added, the winner is the one who gets to a certain target score which can be as low as 25 or as high as 100.

  • 8 ball: The game known simply as "pool" in Britain, after the break, try to pot either the balls of your own colour, be that striped or solid balls. Once all your colour balls are potted, go for the 8 ball. While there is no penalty for potting your opponent's balls by mistake, note that potting the 8 ball early or scratching when your going for the 8 ball will lose you the game. In this mode you can swipe right with two fingers to get a list of what shots will help you win.

  • Double 8 ball: A more random and challenging 8 ball variant, in which you have two 8 balls, 8 and 88, though the above rules about potting the 8 balls also apply (be careful where you shoot)

  • 9 ball: A game which has the sequential ball potting familiar to Snooker fans. Playing with just 9 balls, the object is to pot the balls in sequence, 1 2 etc, though if the 9 ball is potted and no other balls are, you will lose the game.

  • 15 ball: Like 9 ball, accepted played with 15 balls for a longer game.

The game has various settings available, including whether to chalk your cue or not, the level of ambience, and the scores for straight pool.

You can play the initial practice game as often as you wish and as with many Blindfold titles the game comes with ten coins allowing you to play each of the other pool games ten times. After those ten coins are finished, you can either buy another 15 coins for 99 cents, or buy one or other bundle, either Straight pool, 8 ball, or 9 and 15 ball which will let you have access to the respective games as often as you wish. All 7 tables (counting solo straight ball), can be bought as a bundle for ten dollars.

As usual, there is more about the game on The Blindfold pool page on Applevis

With a variety of control methods, several computer opponents with different skill levels, authentic ambience and surprisingly addictive game play, this is definitely one which should delight pool fans and casual gamers alike.


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