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Ears Travel cards

title:Ears Travel cards
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:February 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
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Ears Travel cards is another accessible card game for your Ios device thanks to Kid friendly software. Taking the rules of the classic One thousand miles game, Travel cards is an easy game to understand but a difficult game to do well at.

Much Like the well known Uno, The game is played with a custom pack of cards and each turn players must either play or discard a card and then pick up another from the pack, though the objectives here are a little more complex than those in Uno.

The objective is to be the first to drive 1000 miles by playing cards of either a 25, 50, 75, 100 or 200 mile distance, scoring points accordingly. However players can only begin driving when they've played a "go" card first. Furthermore, players can scupper each other's chances by inflicting various disasters on their opponent's roadster including flat tires, crashes, a low speed limit or a lack of gas. After enduring one of these disasters, players must fix their card with a number of cards such as new tire or repares (earning points in the process), though a "go" card must be played again before a player can start traveling distances. .

In addition, players can play power cards to prevent their opponents causing disasters, or, if already afflicted by a hazard to stop their opponent using that hazard throughout the rest of the game.

As you might expect with a Kid friendly software title, the game is entirely accessible. though there is no need to turn Voiceover off, the game is quite adequately self voicing and all of the actions of playing cards, reviewing hands and points are possible with basic gestures (check the user guide for details).

The game is entirely free, however each time the game is played it costs one coin. Additional coins can be earned by watching advertising videos each day, however a pack of unlimited coins can be purchiced for five usd (roughly seven British Pounds or eight euroes). In addition, while the game comes with several opponents to play against at different skill levels, an upgrade can be bought to customize the opponents not only in terms of difficulty, but also in terms of how aggressively or passively they play, both of these upgrades can also be bought at a reduced rate as well.

In addition to the default "Ears Travel cards" game, another version "Roadtrip with friends" can be downloaded from the Ap store. This is the same game, but also allows you to play against Ios Game center friends or with two players in the same room taking turns. Kidfriendly software have also recently started holding tournaments of the games, so for anyone competitively minded, this might be a nice extra challenge.

With fun racing themed sound effects, gameplay that can be trickier than it appears and several customization options such as changing the hand size or whether the discard pile is reshuffled or whether the game ends when players run out of cards, this is definitely a perfect game for passing time and letting brains tick over, indeed a great game to play on a road trip.

Additional resources

As you might expect, there is a page for Ears Travel cards HEre on the Applevis site

And the Applevis Page for travel cards with friends is here

There is also an audio demonstration heard here by Thomas Domville.

Happy driving.


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