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Blindfold Shuffleboard

title:Blindfold Shuffleboard
download page:No link!
developer:Kid friendly software
release:February 2016
features:text, sound
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Shuffleboard is a popular outdoor sport in which players use bats to slide wooden discs across a flat area, trying to stop within a scoring zone and earn points, or alternatively knocking their opponents' discs out of said scoring zone and depriving them of points instead. Blindfold Shuffleboard is almost the same game, however it despenses with the need of a large outdoor playing area, discs to slide, paddles and even human beings, and just requires your Iphone, a finger and some fairly precise reflexes.

The game has the basic gameplay of Shuffleboard, however in order to slide your discs you first have to line your finger up horizontally on the screen (there will be an audio ding to tell you where the center is), and then give a flick upwards. Depending upon the power and direction of your flick, you will send your disc off in one of various directions. Not enough power, and your disc will fall short, however too much and you'll overshoot. Additionally, accuracy is usually rewarded.

The game has a couple of solo modes of play, including a practice where the precise distance and angle of the discs is spoken after each flick to tell you how your doing, and a mode where you can slide your finger around the screen to determine just how the board is layed out. You can then play a solo game, trying to score the maximum number of points on your own, or play a game against a variety of different opponents with varying skill levels and less or more aggressive styles of play.

As is usual with the games from Kidfriendly software, Blindfold Shuffleboard is entirely free to play, however each game accept on the practice modes takes one coin. Extra coins may be obtained each day by watching add videos, however packs of coins to play more frequently are available, or an 8 usd starter pack may be bought with unlimited coins.

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As is usual with Ios titles, Blindfold Shuffleboard has it's own page on the applevis site which you can Find here

Simple though the game sounds, the practice of sliding precisely is far more tricky than you might expect, making Blindfold Shuffleboard truly like playing a sport at which you need to practice. So, for anyone who wants a challenge to their skills and a game requiring precise movements that needs careful mastery and tactics, this one might be the game your looking for.


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