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Blindfold Snakes and puzzles

title:Blindfold Snakes and puzzles
download page:No link!
genre:Trivia games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:October 2016
features:text, sound
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Blindfold Snakes and puzzles is not only a varient of the age old snakes and ladders game, but also a fun way to test your general knolidge or your mathematical skills. The basic principle of the game is exactly the same as the traditional snakes and ladders game (also called shoots and ladders in some parts of the world). Roll the dice to move up the board with the ultimate goal to get to space 100, occasionally being aided by use of a ladder which lets you skip ahead, or having the bad luck to slip down a snake which sets you back, getting an extra roll of the dice if you roll a six.

In addition to the simple game version (the standard game), Blindfold Snakes and puzzles also adds questions into the mix. Choose to play either a trivia game in which you must answer a multiple choice or true or false question to move, or an arithmetical version where you will be asked a maths question. Of course, your computer controled opponent has the advantage of not having to answer questions, meaning that some good knolidge or skill with numbers, as well as a supply of luck will be necessary to win.

You can choose the type of maths question you want, eg, addition or subtraction or how many digits, and additionally choose whether or not you have a time limit to answer the question and (in the settings menu), how long that time limit is.

The game for the most part is self voicing, however the various trivia or maths questions will need reading with voiceover, though since they are both very standard Ios screens they shouldn't be a problem, even to novice Voiceover users. Controls are equally simple, for example a swipe down with two fingers to roll the dice and a flick left or right to review the board (see the user guide for details).

As is usual with Blindfold games, Blindfold Snakes is quite free to download and play, however playing each game costs one coin, with additional coins available as an in ap purchice (25 coins costs just one pound), . In addition, a pack of extra trivia questions and some of the harder matoptions (such as options with five digits), can be bought along with an unlimited coins option. The full set of both packs plus unlimited coins costs 15 usd, or 10 Uk pounds.

As is usual with ios releases you can find more information and comments about the game on The blindfold Snakes and puzzles page for Applesvis

Happy solving, and beware of snakes.


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