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Blindfold Soccer kick

title:Blindfold Soccer kick
download page:No link!
developer:Kid friendly software
release:October, 2016
features:text, sound
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Like Blindfold basket ball or Blindfold bowling, Blindfold Soccer kick lets you play one of the world's most popular sports on your Iphone screen, or at least part of one.

As every football fan knows, if the match ends in a tie, its time for a penalty shootout. This is when one player from each team each takes turns to score goals past the oppositions goal keeper in a head to head contest of skill. First to five points wins.

Blindfold Soccer kick simulates this portion of the match in an addictive audio package, letting you both take turns scoring against the other teams goalie and defending your own goal. When on attack you'll hear a drumbeat sound in either the left, centre or right indicating where the goal is. You can then kick the ball by flicking up the left, centre or right of your screen, (the centre being where the home button is). Of course, matters are complicated by the rather mobile goalie, who patrols back and forth and who you'll hear as a rolling sound, so obviously wait until he's out of the way before shooting.

When defending, just touch the bottom of the screen and move your finger left and right to centre the sound of the oncoming ball. Get it right and you'll prevent the other team from scoring.

Various game modes are available to you, to test your football skills. You can choose to play an attacking game, with either a large, medium or small goal to aim for. The game is played over ten levels with 7 balls per level and the object to score as many points as possible, though be careful, the goalie gets faster each level.

Alternatively, try a blocking game, with either a fast, medium or slow ball, in which you earn a point for each ball you block.

Master all of this, and you'll be ready for the full scale penalty shootout game, in which you alternate attacking and defending. note that different attackers will shoot the ball at different speeds, or move across the goal differently, and you never know who the other team will send against you, though the option to customise your opposition is available for just under one dollar as an in ap upgrade.

Of course, score well enough, and you can submit your scores to twitter or facebook for competition.

The game is free to download, and you can practice either basic kicking at the goal, scoring against the goalie or blocking at a super slow rate as often as you want for free, but playing any of the games where points matter you need a coin. The game comes with ten coins initially, but more coins are available at an in ap purchase, with the unlimited option available for five dollars, plus a bundle for 5.5 dollars which adds the customise competitors option as an extra.

As usual with Ios titles Blindfold Soccer kick has its own page on Applevis

Happy kicking.


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