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Blindfold V ball

title:Blindfold V ball
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
release:September 2015
features:text, sound
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Blindfold V ball is a handy portable adaptation of the game of Skee ball, those nastily addictive ball rolling games which are designed to take all your money and frustrate your ability to roll balls into the right holes.

Somewhere between pinball and ten pin bowling, the object in Skee ball (and V ball), is to score as highly as possible by rolling your ball down a ramp and onto the table. Hopefully if calculated correctly the force of your throw will carry the ball across the table to drop into one of a number of holes where it will score points. On the other hand, too much force and your ball will scoot straight over the table to the gutter, where it will earn a big fat zero. If however you don't roll the ball far enough a second gutter waits on the bottom of the table, making Skee ball a game of precision and careful aiming, particularly as you have just nine balls to score as much as you can.

Just as in Blindfold Shuffleboard The game uses the speed and distance of a finger flick on the screen to calculate the speed and distance of your ball's path, making mastering it something of an art form, especially when you take into account the difficult to reach holes that award 100 points a hit should your ball wind up there.

If calculating your flicks seems too easy by itself, you can choose to play with a lighter ball, a ball more prone to random bouncing as well as requiring a little less brute force to throw, you can even have random balls presented if you wish too, forcing you to change your strategy accordingly.

though the flicking will doubtless take some time to master, fortunately the rest of the game will not. As is usual in the Blindfold games series there is a comprehensive set of instructions, as well as settings to customise the game to your liking, for example changing the voices that give instructions or the sound of the background arcade ambience. You can even use the "discover table" option to look around the screen and see where the various holes are to get a better spacial idea of the table's layout. .

The game is completely free to download and play, and you can practice your ball throwing as many times as you like for free. Playing one game of V ball however will cost you a coin. You begin with 10 coins. Extra coins can be earned by watching add videos, or as an in ap purchice, an unlimited coins options is available too so you can play the game as many times as you wish.

More about the game can be found on This page ont he applevis site

Happy bowling.


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