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Blindfold Invaders

title:Blindfold Invaders
download page:No link!
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:April 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Like Blindfold hopper, Blindfold invaders brings yet another Atari arcade classic to your Iphone, this time the well known space invaders, a game which has delighted and frustrated gamers since 1978, and has had its fair share of audio remakes.

As is probably well known, the game is played on a vertical screen with the nasty alien invaders up top, and your cannon able to move left and right along the ground below, trying to blow up the descending aliens before they can land.

The Blindfold version has far more in common with the original Atari classic than many audio remakes. As in the original game, the invaders appear in a large block of rows and move left and right slowly, making their way down the playing area in zigzags. They will also drop missiles on you.

Where as other audio remakes tend to focus on one or twoo enemies moving around the screen whose position you can identify via continuous audio, the blindfold version has a larger number of invaders moving more slowly, and sounds are just there to indicate when invaders move right or left, though you can have audio targeting turned on to tell you how many invaders are above you if you wish. This makes the game far more about fast action, than precise targeting, especially with the need to dodge out of the way should a missile be coming for you.

The game's control method is also unique, choose in the settings screen whether you'd rather tilt your phone to move left and right, or swing your phone to the left and right yourself.

though close to the arcade original, there are a few modern enhancements in play. One of these is health points. Starting out with 50 health, you lose ten every time you're hit by an incoming missile. You can also use your health points to increase the rate of fire of your cannon, with faster speeds taking one or two health a shot, though be careful since any remaining health after you've knocked off all the invaders on a level is added to your score.

the game has a number of different modes of play. In the practice game there are ten invaders in two rows of five over one level. The easy, medium and hard play out over eight levels, increasing the number of invaders each round, making the invaders smaller and harder to hit, and increasing their rate of fire. In the special difficult game there are 32 levels, each a cycle of 8 levels with increasing invaders for more challenge.

For the really hard core fans there is the century game, play through 100 levels randomised difficulty for a truly gruelling challenge.

The game is free and comes with the usual ten coins to play. Extra packs of coins can be bought as in ap upgrades, or an unlimited coins option can be bought for 5 Usd. Additionally, a health upgrade can be bought for 2 dollars which gives you the ability to earn extra health for each invader you shoot, meaning more shots with the faster speeds of cannon, a much higher potential score.

As always, for more information you can Visit this page on Applevis

Happy blasting.


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