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Blindfold Runner

title:Blindfold Runner
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:May 2018
features:text, sound
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Blindfold runner is a fast action arcade title from kidfriendly software. Playing as an intrepid jogger your goal is simply to keep running without mishaps. Unfortunately, for some reason best known to yourself, you have decided to run a course peppered with hazards from trucks, to fires, to irate elephants. Fortunately, all of that running has obviously given you heightened reflexes which will be of use when dodging around the various obstacles in your way. Some obstacles, such as bikes might require you to do a quick turn left or right this can be with a left or right swipe. Other hazards, like those angry elephants or runaway trucks will need you to duck or jump, which can be done with a swipe up or down.

Fortunately, your run isn't without prophet since some careless but wealthy person seems to have left coins all over the road. To grab these swing your phone (and probably your arm), left or right to take a different path. Some coins will also be down on the ground or high in the air, so will require slide or a jump to grab as well as a swing left or right.

For every obstacle you avoid or coin you grab, you'll earn points, and the more points you get the quicker you'll progress through the levels, also the faster you'll run.

The object, as you might imagine, is to survive for as long as possible and build up the highest possible score.

As you might expect from Kidfriendly software, there is a large amount of customisation in the game. Firstly, you can play on either easy or regular mode. This not only changes the speed of the game, but also changes the conditions under which you'll lose, since the easy game doesn't penalise you for sliding or jumping at the wrong time, where as the regular game. does. In addition, you can alter several factors about the gameplay in the game's settings, such as the number of points to progress to the next level, and even the speed, going from slow, to regular, fast, or super fast (with increased point totals at higher speed). For those who want a real challenge and have a good audio memory, try turning off the various tones that tell when to dodge left or right, jump or slide. .

One particularly notable mode in the game is thee expedition mode. This adds a slight strategical element to your running. At times, you'll find yourself in need of various supplies. Bottles of water, bandages (to help with all the sliding), even an extra pair of running shoes or one of those all important extra lives. At any time during your run, swipe right with three fingers to go to the supply shop and buy the items you want. The only catch is the currency you use to buy them is your points, and since some items such as running shoes take quite some points to get, expect to need to plan carefully to maintain a high score.

The game is entirely free to download and play, and you begin with ten coins (ten credits), to play as you want. In the game's upgrades menu you can buy the full game, and access to the expedition mode (both modes cost six British pounds, or roughly 10 usd).

As usual with Ios titles, you can Visit this page on Applevis for more information.

With unique ambience, and surprisingly addictive gameplay (especially if you crank the speed to super fast), this is a rather amusing arcade game and one which proves oddly adictive.

Happy running. <;/p>


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