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Blind Quest, - The Enchanted Castle

title:Blind Quest, - The Enchanted Castle
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios, Steam
release:February, 2020
features:sound, visuals
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From the developers of the inquisitor series and She Noire comes a full scale fantasy adventure told entirely through sound. Mercenaries are not popular in Reldia. Especially following the recent war, many see them as no good hired killers with no loyalty. Nathan however doesn't care, he takes people's bad opinion with the same stoicism as he takes their money. Nathan's latest contract however might be something different, to accompany the princess Helen on a quest to rid her father's castle of ghosts, and defeat an ancient curse, a journey which will take Nathan through planes, swamps and deserts and deep into enemy territory, and might just show him there is more to life than the swing of a sword and a pouch full of gold.

The game takes the form of an ongoing interactive story in some ways similar to the inquisitor series. Guided by the rather dramatic narration of Nathan's journey, cycle through objects with tab and shift tab (or finger taps on Ios), and hit control to interact. Should you run across an enemy, you'll quickly be plunged into a fast real time battle scenario which plays almost like an arcade game. Hit up arrow or tap rapidly to swing at your enemies, but make sure to dodge left or right, or block attacks from the centre with the respective arrows or by turning your phone, and hit space bar to swig a healing potion if Nathan gets into trouble (check his stats with the control key).

As with any rpg, killing enough monsters will raise Nathan's experience level, which lets his attacks do more damage, and means he'll take less punishment in return.

One particularly notable part of the game, are the various side quests and diversions you find from the main story, from slaying a particularly dangerous wolf, to recovering a lost doll for a little girl who might not be quite what she appears. These sidequests often require you to back track through previously finished zones, or search out hidden objects, indeed, there is an especially difficult optional boss to fight just before the end of the game who requires you to note clues you found throughout the adventure.

The variety of locations, number of npcs and the rich lore of the world are certainly a treat for exploration fans, whilst the fast hack n slash style combat will always keep you on your toes.

The game is self voicing through rather dramatically spoken dialogue, and also contains pictures of the landscape and npcs for those who can appreciate them, although it is also playable entirely through audio alone.

You can access a demo of the game by filling out the form on the above website, though similarly to some of Tikon Blue's other titles, you will need to have the usercode and information emailed to you before you can install the demo. At just 5.90 euros, the price is also quite reasonable, especially considering the three or four hours worth of exploration the game offers.

The game is currently available for Pc and Mac, on the Ios ap store, or even on Steam for those who want to tangle with the interface.

Aditional resources

you can See a release trailer here

As usual, the access site applevis has This page for the Ios version

Thomas Domville of the Applevis team also recorded This podcast showing off a small part of the game.

With a rich world and history, nice audio ambience and wonderfully button smacky combat, this is definitely a treat for all swords and sorcery fans, and hopefully we will see more of Nathan the mercinary and his adventures in the future.


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