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Block party

title:Block party
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Greymatter productions
release:July 2011
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to the first release from new developer Greymatter productions, block party, a strategical puzzle game of spacial logic and moving blocks slightly resembling Tetris.

Based on a packmate and windows mobile game called jawbreaker (which was itself based on an older game from the 80's), the principle of block party is very simple to understand, but like many good puzzle games rather harder to execute.

You begin on a square board full of different types of blocks which you can move around with the arrow keys. The object of the game is to smash as many of these blocks as possible. However, you can only smash blocks in groups of two or larger which are lined up horizontally or vertically. The larger the group, the more points you get.

After blocks are smashed, the other blocks on the board will move around to fill the empty space in various ways, thus hopefully connecting more blocks. When there are no more blocks able to be smashed, the game ends and your score is tallied. Thus, the stratogy comes from smashing the right blocks to allow others to form chains which you can in turn smash gaining more points as you do so.

The game contains several different modes and options to keep you busy. These include increasing the size of the board, the number of different types of block from 3 to 8, and also different modes that defign how the blocks move after some are smashed to fill the empty space.

In the standard mode for instance, blocks always fall down as in tetris when the blocks below them are destroyed, but in shifter mode blocks move to the right as well as down, thus creating more options to connect them. Additionally, there are two other modes, continuous and mega shifter, where a new column of blocks will roll onto the scene from the left, thus potentially giving you endless amounts of play assuming you get your stratogy correct.

The game is one of the best adapted for multiple screen readers, as by default it will output to Jaws, window eyes, Nvda, system access and even Hal (or supernova). If no screen reader is installed, the game will output to ms sapi, thus giving a fantastic range of options. In addition, the game is completely free.

Unfortunately, the gray matter productions site seems to be down, however the game is still available thanks to the audiogames archive.

if you fancy a strategical puzzle game to test your brain, you couldn't go wrong with block party.


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