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Bomber cats

title:Bomber cats
download page:link
license:open source
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:June 2016
last edit by:Dark


Bomber cats is possibly the weerdest game ever produced in audio, or at least it's at the top end of the most utterly odd. The object of the game is simple, find cats that don't explode. You might say this sounds easy, accept that in Bomber cats the majority of felines actually do! explode.

When the game starts, you are presented with two cats. Use the arrows to select one of them, if you manage to find a kitty that doesn't go kaboom, you will earn some points based on the number of cats. You then get three cats, two explosive, one safe, then four cats and so on. At any time, you can save your score and go on to the next round, starting again with two cats, but with your points in the bank. After three rounds, your score is tallied, and if you do well enough you can submit to The Oriol gaming zone scoreboards found here to show your skill, ---- or luck.

As an alternative, you can play the game in survival mode. Instead of playing a number of rounds, this adds several lives before your score is reset, thus giving you a few chances to pick a pussy cat, provided you can remember which you chose originally.

Created with The blastbay game toolkit The game now is abandonware. Furthermore, since antivirus programs read anything made with Bgt as a virus, you'll need to add an exception to windows defender in order to play the game. Though Oriol only now provides source code versions of his BGt projects on the above page, the audiogames archive do have a fully compiled version of the game, which can be downloaded at the above link.

Though a highly simple game, a number of amusing sound effects and comments on your winning and losing, especially including lots of cute kitten miows make this a surprisingly entertaining game.

The game is entirely self voicing, and if you fancy a plane zip version rather than the above installer, you can Download that here

Also don't forget to check out Oriol gaming zone's page on the audiogames archive for more information about Oriol and his games.

Beware of exploding cats.


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