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Breed memorial

title:Breed memorial
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
release:May, 2019
features:text, sound
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What would you do if the world was over run with monsters? Run away screaming? Grab up the nearest slaying implement and start wailing away, or maybe your more the sort to adopt one of said monsters, raise it with love and care, worry about its diet, take it for walks in the park, play games and of course enter competitions to show that your monster is the best. If you do indeed feel a caring impulse towards fanged, furred or slimy critters, then Breed memorial is the game for you.

Inspired by the monster rancher series, Breed memorial gives you all the fun of taking care of your pet beasty, from training its stats, to taking it out for a play when it seems a bit stressed, or giving it a treat or two when its feeling a bit down. Raise your monster carefully enough, and your sure to start winning in the various competitions, which include a basic contest to show your monsters strengths to a pannel of judges, side scrolling marathon races against other monsters where you need to manage your stamina and jump obstacles, a top down capture the flag style free for all, and of course (as you might expect), full on turn based rpg type battles with an active time system, moves to choose and strategies to follow.

But where do you get these monsters? They're hiding inside gems which are (surprisingly), the very files on your computer! That's right, everything from your favourite mp3 albums to those word documents containing your boring homework might just have a monster lurking inside, just head over to the monster association and give the gem a try to see what you get, though of course be careful about your monsters stats and personality. In addition, to finding monsters at random, you can also combine two monsters to form one with far higher stats and different abilities, indeed this is how you progress in the game and gain monsters strong enough to tackle the tougher competitions, by raising monsters then combining them to form a stronger future generation.

One particularly unique thing about your monsters, is that as well as statistics like health, intelligence and reflexes, used in battles and competitions, they also personalities and likes and dislikes. One might be a desperate type who thrives on tough training and does well in competitions when things are down to the wire, another might get angry easily, a useful trait when running a long race, grapping up flax or indeed when battling other monsters, while another monster might of a gentler disposition, and take less forceful handling but but might just be able to heal themselves at some point, playing to your creature's strengths is all part of being a good monster trainer.

As well as winning more competitions, as you progress through your career as a monster trainer, you'll find yourself unlocking different categories of monsters including dragons, zombies and ghouls, attending different events and extending your monster farm with advanced training devices so your creatures can get ever stronger.

Though written originally in Japanese, like Morokuma's previous title Audio strike, the game has been completely translated into English , so no need to run translation software to play. Indeed, with instructions for each part of the game including keyboard commands contained in the game itself, as well as comprehensive game guides in both English and Japanese, Breed memorial is an extremely easy game to pick up and play.

The game is entirely free to download and play and works with most screen readers including Nvda and microsoft Sapi, however note that the above link will download a game installer. The installer is in Japanese, so an easier option might be the plane zip version which can be Downloaded here Just run the Breed memorial .exe file to play the game.

Aditional resources

Forum member RtT entertainment has provided several videos playing through the game which can be found on Youtube: Part 1 can be found here, and part 2 may be found here, Bare in mind that these recordings were made with a far earlier version of the game, many mentioned bugs there have been squashed, plus the English translation much improved.

With literally hundreds of monsters to find, make and train, rare items to gather, competitions to win and a host of minigames to play, plus an absolutely awesome soundtrack and fully immersive sound effects (including lots of cute monster voices), , Breed memorial is a truly massive and highly addictive game that will likely appeal to novice and advanced gamers alike, as well as be a treat for monster fans everywhere!


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