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Candy Crashers

title:Candy Crashers
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genre:Strategy Games
developer:Skyline entertainment
release:September 2014
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Halloween, a modern continuation of an old festival and a chance for all children to extort treats; mmmmm I mean engage in the faithful old custom of trick or treating. For two young wood be candy bandits however, this Halloween might prove a little different, since a mysterious old man offers to send them to a world full of more treats than they could ever imagine, and the problem is when you've been watching a certain famous seventies cartoon about a mystery solving dog, with an insatiable appetite for scooby snacks, his faithful band of friends, and all of the not quite so scary monsters who usually turn out to be mysteriously grumpy people wearing costumes, who would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids, your imagination might not be such a healthy place to be.

Armed with a laser gun, a rather Scooby-doo like appetite for treats, and as many bonuses as you can find, join the two kids on this surprisingly strategical adventure, one part tactical combat, one part role playing and all around fun.

In the game, you will be placed onto a randomly generated map and able to move around in eight directions using the keys from u to m respectively. Holding control with these keys activates your exploration cursor, which you can use to look around the map, whilst holding shift will face you in a given direction. The object in each level is to grab up all the various candies, ranging from payday chocolate bars to peanut butter cups and jaw breakers, whilst using your laser to blast away the various monsters, by turning to face them (using shift and the respective movement keys), and hitting space to fire. Of course, hitting a monster in a direction other than that in which it is facing will do increased damage, though fortunately you can get information on each monster on the map with shift S and then left and right arrows, which should help in planning your shots. After you've taken three actions however, the monsters get a turn, and since multiple monsters can gang up on you and even attack at a distance, this all leads for a game of tactical movement, wise use of actions, and of course grabbing up candy (.

of course, the maps also contain a variety of power ups to use besides the candy, from power and defence boosts, to stop watches which will slow the monsters down, and lots of extra lives.

At the end of each level, head to the candy shop to buy upgrades with the points you earn, such as a scope upgrade to increase your laser's range, or a speed upgrade to take more actions per turn. Be careful however, since as well as ordinary monsters, occasionally bosses such as the frightening wax phantom, the black knight, or the fearsome werewolf will appear to challenge you, and unlike their scooby-doo originals, it's going to take more than pulling off a rubber mask and deducing which grumpy old person was behind the mystery to defeat this ghostly crew.

As well as the story mode, the game also features a survival mode, full of random maps of increasingly harder monsters, just to see how far you can get. In addition, for fans of Scooby-doo, every monster you kill has a chance of dropping a monster card, detailing it's history, and how Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, Daphne, Fred and thelma managed to defeat and unmask the creature, including which episode of the cartoon series it first appeared in.

The game is entirely free to play, and though Skyline entertainment don't appear to have a website, and first hosted the game via dropbox, it's still available thanks to the audiogames archive. Bare in mind that since it was originally created with BGT see index, Windows defender might falsely beleve the games' main exe file is a virus, so you will probably need to put it in an exceptions folder in order for it to work.

With awesome music and atmosphere, output to screen readers including Jaws, NVDA and self voicing with microsoft Sapi, surprisingly intricate combat and upgrades despite it's seemingly harmless theme, Candy Crashers is a real treat all around.

Happy ghost busting.


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