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Captain dynamite and the fallen hero

title:Captain dynamite and the fallen hero
download page:link
genre:Rhythm action games
developer:Invisible games
platform:Windows, mac, Xbox 360
release:november 2011
last edit by:Dark


In times gone by, Captain Dynamite was the sidekick of the popular super hero General Justice, and together they fought crime across the city. now however General Justice is gone, and Dynamite is left to handle the crooks alone with his own sidekick, the enthusiastic Guy Mighty. At least he's got the info gathering skills of his friend Datagirl to help him out. This is the scenario in the first title from Invisible games.

The game plays like an interactive radio drama featuring extensive amounts of high quality music and voice acting and a detailed ongoing plot. Whenever the heroes come up against some sort of challenge, whether that's leaping across the roof tops, defusing a security system or giving super villains and their henchmen the old one two, the game begins as your required to hit rythmic button sequencies precisely to the beat of the exceptional music. This is harder than it sounds, and closer to a true music based challenge than it is to boppit or simon. Successful completion of the rythm action sequence will let you continue the story, but get too many timings wrong and your superhero career could come to a very short end.

Simple as the gameplay is, it's incredibly addictive, not the least because of the exceptional quality of the music and story sequences, and is thus partly intended as an introduction to audio games for those not used to playing games with sound, as well as a challenge for experienced audio gamers.

The game is stil in developement and is due to be released in 2012. It already has several options included though, such as the ability to play with the xbox 360 controller or keyboard, and the option to add extra keys (the defaults will always work, but adding new keys will allow you a second key to perform the same function). The above link will download the windows demo of the game which will let you play the first two chapters. note though that the ful game will not only contain eight chapters, but also an achievements and score system as well so you can really test your hero skills.

Though only the windows demo is available thus far, versions for I os, Xbox 360 console and mac are also planned. For Mac users though, note that unfortunately the windows version does not work well on virtual windows emulators, so you might want to wait until the mac version is released.

With superb sound and acting and very easy to learn gameplay, Dynamite's adventures are both a great introduction to audio games, and a treat for experienced players alike, and if the demo is anything to go by, the ful game should be highly worth playing.


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