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Catch 52

title:Catch 52
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Norman Pettus
release:December 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
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Catch 52 is one of that class of addictive arcade style games which is extremely easy to understand and play, but significantly harder to do well at.

When the game starts, The player will hear a pack of 52 cards dropping one by one. Each card is announced, then a beeping sound plays as it falls, with a longer descending, bomb dropping type of beep when it nears the ground. To catch a card the player hits the right hand side of the screen, to reject, a player hits the left. If it were simply a matter of snatching the cards out of the air as quickly as possible, the game would be easy, however the art to the game is catching some cards and rejecting others all while not letting any hit the floor. At the start of each game, the player is told which cards she/he needs to catch, and must reject the rest, this could be all the cards of the same suit such as diamonds or spades, or all of the picture cards (note that for purposes of Catch 52, the ace does not count as a picture card). Each game finishes when all 52 cards have fallen, or when a player loses their three lives by making mistakes.

What complicates things even further, is the fact that like any good arcade game, Catch 52 is all about the high scores. To earn maximum points a player needs to reject cards as quickly as possible, however in catching cards the closer to the bottom the card is, the more points a player earns. This change up of mechanics, plus the need to remember the rules of each particular game is surprisingly tricky and definitely will keep you on your toes.

Catch 52 can also be played on four difficulties which change the speed of the cards, entry, normal, advanced and the extremely tricky lightning level, and game center achievements can be earned for attaining certain scores or completing various challenges on the different difficulties, there is also of course a leader board, and using the Ios game center you can even challenge your friends to beat your high scores.

Voiceover needs to be disabled before playing, however the game is completely self voicing on it's own, though note that while the game will announce your scores and any achievements you earn, to interact with the game centter for checking the leader boards or seeing what achievements you have left to go, you'll need to trippple click home to turn Voiceover back on again.

Catch 52 costs just 99 cents Usd, or 79 pence in the British Ap store. Note that though a free version is listed which has the same instructions, the free version is a graphical game and doesn't announce the falling cards.

additional resources

As you would expect, the game has a Page on applevis site found here

Curtis Jackson of Applevis has also recorded a podcast demonstrating and explaining the game which may be Heard here

Catch 52 is proof that though the days of the Atari 2600 are long past, the simple formula of a game you can pitck up in less than a minute and play a round and the chances to try and beat your high score is still as addictive a formula today as it ever was, definitely recommended for all fast reaction fans.


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