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Celtic tribes

title:Celtic tribes
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Celtic Tribes is in some ways a mod of Lords and Knights , though the emphasis and gameplay works a little differently. Instead of being the lord of a gothic castle commanding swordsman and knights, you are the chieftain of a celtic village with slingers and spearmen at your command. Most of the game works the same way, with various tabs for viewing your village at the bottom, A map to view attack an conquer other villages around you, a profile tab (including a completed tasks list which it is wise to take note of), a messages tab and a tribe tab where you can join alliances of other players.

The main village screen of the game lets you view the three main resources, clay, ore and wood, and your number of available population. You can use the "village buildings" button to list each building with an upgrade button for an instant upgrade, or clicking the button to get a more in depth perspective and perform tasks such as going on missions from your village tavern or trading in the market place, though of course you can also just hit the "upgrade" button next to each building for a quick upgrade.

The units tab works similarly, though note that in this game one unit is not selected by default so when either choosing to recruit more of a given unit type or to send units out on an attack it's wise to double tap on the "zero of four selected" button to select additional numbers of units.

The map shows villages around you where you can send your troops on raides, or conquer for extra resources.

Also as in Lords and knights, the game is free but magic potions can be bought that have various in game bennifits such as speeding up production or adding more buildings to the production kew.

The principle major difference in Celtic tribes, is that there is far more in the game by way of discovery, and not quite as much by way of clobber your rivals before they clobber you. The missions you go on don't just net you resources, but also have the chance of finding artifacts. When putting together various artifacts you can give your troops boosts, or unlock important aspects of gameplay like having your village become a fortress. Also, which squares you conquer on the map and their proximity makes a major difference in terms of which artifacts you have. Though the artifacts are heavily graphical, especially in how you put them together, some very good and detailed work has gone in to the game access to have voiceover give full readings of all necessary details.

Another major difference is runes. Some runes work like books you can research in the library of in Lords and Knights, giving you boosts or opening new technologies or troop types. Others however need to be unlocked with artifacts, with researching prior runes or even found through the odd special event.

It is also worth noting that just as silver was used in Lords and knights to conquer other castles, silver occurs in Celtic tribes, as well as druids who must be recruited from the magic grove, though druids can also provide extra magic potions in addition to paying for them with real money.

Additional resources

As usual there is a page on Applevis found here for the game.

While still a heavily resource based game with lots of expanding and attacking, Celtic tribes alternative emphasis and ethos should appeal to people with a slightly different bent in their stratogy.


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