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City inc

title:City inc
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genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Cities. Since the dawn of time they've existed, gathering the scattered human populous together to form hubs of art, culture and civilisation, where the higher forms of human society have freedom to develop, and life becomes ever more enlightened and sophisticated. Wrong! Everyone knows that cities are just there to make you massive amounts of cash and give you a chance to bilk your citizens for as much filthy lucre as possible, pollution? Deforestation? Over population? What are those! When cities stop being profitable, you just tear the things down and start another, your citizens won't mind, in fact they'll come with you to the new city and make you even more lucre!

Such is the situation in City inc, have all the fun of building your own super mega metropolis, building various structures from roads, and apartments to hospitals, businesses and banks. No need to worry about construction materials or even space, just bang them up when you have enough cash, and see them generate income. of course, the more income you generate, the more you can build, and the more you build, the more goals you complete. With enough goals,citizens join your metropolis, who provide yet more advantages and let you level your city up, earning advantages in the process.

Of course, as with most city building games, a time will come when your not earning as much, at which point, just restart your city, take your new citizens and bought advantages and move on to the next step, with each cycle further expanding your empire. Build more, and become a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, quadrillionaire, qintillionaire and quite a lot of other more ridiculously titled airs into the bargain.

The game's interface as with most browser games, is wonderfully easy going, being buttons and clickable hotspots with some handy headings on different levels. At the top you can cycle between the different tabs for building buildings, making upgrades or recruiting politicians to perform different tasks for you, also note the dropdown menu you can click on to read the documentation or view stats about your city and it's goals.

The only mildly confusing part about the game, is that the build menu involves buttons for building different building types,and a clickable hotspot which will earn you prophet from that type, however this is easy to find if you click on the number of buildings you have, EG to earn money from roads when you have 10 roads, click on the 10. Also note that the number listing "cycles" tells you how often you can click (holding down the spacebar also works).

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to see how much precisely the next individual building of a given type will cost you, though fortunately since the buttons to buy 1, 10, 25 etc buildings are disabledd whe you don't have the cash it's easy to tell, also note the button that buys you as many as possible of a given building type, which will tell you how much you can afford.

With ever expanding goals to complete, innumerable upgrades to buy and various different strategies which affect how to progress your city, both currently and any cities you build in the future, not to mention progress which carries on even you're offline, note that City inc is a surprisingly relaxing, yet addictive game which will have you aching to just achieve those higher and higher numbers and feeding your inner expantionist.

Happy expanding.


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