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Civ clicker

title:Civ clicker
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
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Civ clicker gives you the chance to take a hand full of scattered nomads gathering food in the wilderness and forge a mighty empire. Start off by using the buttons at the top of the page to gather food, stone and wood, then recruit workers such as farmers, woodcutters and miners to start gathering resources over time. Build buildings to recruit more workers, and work upgrades which improve your efficiency, let you start recruiting soldiers surrounding villages for resources and land, and eventually worship one of a number of powerful gods who bless your people and help them expand. .

Civ clicker is particularly unique in the interplay between it's various elements. At the beginning for example, your farmers will produce comparatively little food each meaning that supporting other workers such as miners or woodcutters takes considerably more work, at least until you've learned a few techniques to make farming easier.

Additionally, as well as gathering basic resources such as food, wood and stone, your people will also create special resources too. Your farmers will occasionally harvest herbs which are needed to cure the sick and make several upgrades, your miners will run across vanes of ore while quarrying stone, and your woodcutters will sometimes take time off to hunt for skins. All of these special resources have their uses, so you will find yourself having to do a little more than just mindlessly click " at the appropriate time.

The game is entirely single player, meaning that while you'll likely be doing plenty of looting and pillaging, none will be against actual human players, which gives a lot more chance to advance at your own pace than in many multiplayer stratogy games.

The game's interface is extremely accessible owing to the fact that everything has strict headings. At the top of the page are the buttons to click to gain more food wood or stone, with your amounts of basic and special resources (each with a handy heading). Below this is a tab which can display either buildings, possible upgrades, your deity, your ability to conquest or the currently not working trade tab, while benieth this are several perminant headings such as your population with buttons to recruit different types of workers, and the events heading which tells you about recent happenings (remember to check this frequently).

One thing to bare in mind, is that the game can move quickly, and if for example you recruit more workers than your farmers can support, your people will start starving pretty quickly, even while your looking for the plus or minus buttons to recruit more farmers. Solve this by planning carefully, eg, making sure you have a surplus of food being produced hyering on more workers. ,/p>

The game can save via a cookie in your web browser, or even by a local file if you prefer, and with the chance to replay several times, earning the blessings of different gods along the way, it has never been more true that building a civilisation will take you quite some time. Also happily, the game is %100 free..

Deathray's civ clicker

Since the creator of Civ clicker made the game open source, Deathray games, developer of several online incremental games themselves including arcane elementalist and cyclopian clicker, have undertaken to clean up Civ clicker a little and fix some bugs. The interface is slightly different and might take a little getting used to (especially in how the tabs for resources, buildings etc are arranged), on the plus side, elements such as the trader are now fully working. The Deathray version of Civ clicker can be played here go here for the games page on Github, which also contains the game's source code.

Happy ruling.


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