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Classic six dragons

title:Classic six dragons
download page:link
developer:Classic six dragons
features:text, sound
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update (11/27/2022): This game no longer appears to be available. See this forum post.

Classic six dragons is an online mud game set against the background of a war within a fantasy kingdom. Long ago the magician Tanzian'al sought to rule all races and nations, summoning and creating dark creatures to do his bidding. Only when six powerful dragons joined the battle on the side of the free nations was Tanzian'al defeated and imprisoned. Now however (as usually happens in these sorts of situations), the dark magician has returned and is once again leader of The Throng, the army he lead previously. In the game therefore, you can choose to play from the races allied to the free nations such as elves, humans, angels or dwarves, or to play as one of the dark races allied to The Throng such as orcs, vampires or demons, or indeed as a dragon on either side. When traversing around the world, how different cities and creatures react to you will depend upon which side of the conflict your on, sinse a free nations character isn't likely to be welcomed to a Throng city and visa versa. This also means that each side gets different quests and experiences as well as different chances to interact with other players.

Quests are something the game has a huge amount of, many of them written in different steps, and of course sinse there are two sides to play as, it's a good idea to have multiple characters to get more experience, though watch out for the other side.

Apart from questing, the game progresses in the way you might expect of an rpg with you gaining experience through your character's 100 levels by slaying enemies, performing quests and doing other tasks such as crafting items or traversing the world. Indeed crafting is a major part of the game, sinse in addition to your character's class such as wizard, warrior or bard, you can also choose a trade skill to earn points in such as blacksmith, jeweler or carpenter, then either sell your creations to other players, wear them yourself or sell them to shops in game for more cash.

The crafting in the game is definitely one of it's major elements, albeit the crafting is less tortuous than in some muds that include it, and can often be a nice break from more high tention questing.

Another unique facet of Classic six dragons is the wilderness. Outside each city or other location are thousands of interconnected rooms which range from forest to snow. In the wilderness commands such as scan insure that a player never gets lost, as well as a landmarks system which can help find directions to specific places. The Wilderness is both a means of travel, and also where most crafting is done, sinse it's the place where trees, beasts to hunt and resources to gather can be found.

Of course, the war between the alliance and the Throng continues and characters can also help their city by buying siege equipment, or can attack opposing cities (provided they can find the secret entrance and defeat the oppositions powerful centries).

Though a text based mud, the developers have gone out of their way to include a huge number of access fixes to the game, these include probably the most efficient combat display yet in a mud, detailing how often and when your hit, alternatives to ascii maps and a very efficient scanning system for the wilderness, a lot of low spam modes and customizations and easy commands to type, plus the developers are always open to suggestions.

In addition to the game itself with it's rich location descriptions, there is an extensive soundpack which plays sounds and music at a large number of game events and can provide a huge amount of extra atmosphere and information. The soundpack is playable with any mud client that supports msp, mud sound protocol, and can be downloaded with the above link. Bare in mind the soundpack is a TaGz format and needs to either be unzipped on linux or with a program such as 7zip from www.7zip.org . Also make sure to check the instructions in the game for how to play the sounds in various clients such as Mushclient.

The game can be found by connecting to 6dragons.tk port 4100 with a mud client such as Vipmud or Mushclient

For more about Classic six dragons you can Read this review from our articles section and of course Check out it's page on the mud connector site here

Though seemingly your usual fantasy game on the surface, there is a lot that makes six dragons unique. The world with it's distinctive background, the high standard of the writing in location descriptions and quests, the chance to play some rather unusual character classses such as angel or beast master, not to mention the great soundpack. Definitely a game that should appeal to any fan of atmospheric and wide ranging role playing games.


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