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Code Dungeon

title:Code Dungeon
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
release:August 2020
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:pitermach


Code Dungeon is a perfect example of a game that could be described as easy to pick up, but hard to master, combining elements of FPS, Hack N' slash and RPG to create a short, but very hard and immersive audio gaming experience.


Your goal is to get through the titular dungeon by ascending its floors. You do this from a first person perspective, using W, S, A and D to walk, the mouse or turn or optionally Shift+A and D to snap in 90 degrees. You can also press E to have the game tell you what's in-front, as well as Q to hear your current direction. Various audio navigational cues are provided, telling you if you're about to walk into a wall or are walking by a passage. Access to the next floor is blocked off by a number of doors. These in turn start out locked, requiring you to smash crystals and defeat all enemies in a room to open. To do this, you have access to your trusty sword that you can swing either left to right, right to left or stab it straight forward using the left, middle or right mouse button. You will need to pay attention to how you do this, as the weapon has quite a bit of weight to it so you can't just mash your way through the battles. The enemies are also varied, with each of them requiring different strategies to defeat. And while later enemies will drop health, attack and speed upgrades for your character, you can take only a handful of hits so getting good at both attacking and dodging is a must.


What really sets this game apart though is the presentation. In addition to excellent, atmospheric sound effects, Code Dungeon has an amazing audio system, which not only provides fully spacial sound allowing you to tell when objects are in-front or behind you, there is also excellent reflective reverb and occlusion. This means that, just like in real life, you can tell whether you're in a wide haul or a very narrow passage where you can only stab your sword forward, just by hearing how the sound bounces off the walls. In addition, also just like in real life, any objects that are behind a wall or closed doors will sound more muffled. All of these features combined that Code Dungeon is one of the most immersive games out there right now. It'll make you feel like you're really there!


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