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Code 7

title:Code 7
download page:link
genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Goodwolf studios
platform:windows, Mac
release:October 2016, Ongoing
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


What would you do if you woke up in the dark unable to move, think or remember where you are? This is how Code7 begins. fortunately, in front of you is a computer and being a hacker that is your best way to find out about the world around you. Soon enough you hear a disembodied voice who confirms her identity as Sam. You then learn that you are Alex, and you and Sam are alone on a seemingly derelict space station, ---- or at least you believe you are alone.

This is how Code7 begins, an interactive fiction game the like of which you've never played before. Firstly, there is none of the usual If style get hat, open box with key type of interactions. Being a hacker sat at a computer your entire method of interacting is all via system commands, passwords and access to data, as well as occasionally using the arrow keys to interact with aps and controls. Fortunately, friendly auto complete functions will help so you won't need to type too many passwords or strange strings of numbers.

The second major difference between Code7 and your usual run of text adventures, is that Code7 has full voice acting, especially from your partner Sam, a riveting soundtrack and some puzzles which go way beyond your usual guess the verb type affair, expect to find yourself having to hack into deadly robots, deal with locked doors and security systems and hopefully discover some startling truths, indeed in a lot of ways the game feels more like an interactive science fiction horror film than an interactive novel. .

The game has had staggering amounts of work done to assist in it's accessibility. All text will output to voiceover on Mac or microsoft Sapi on windows (just hit Control V when prompted to activate the blind friendly mode). Several graphical puzzles have been rethought, and of course most interactions in the game are via high quality voice acting.

Code7 is being released in successive episodes. The prologue, Episode zero is available to play for free, both Mac and Windows versions can be downloaded from the above link which links to Goodwolf studio's page on the game redistribution site Itch.io. Note that whilst a Linux version does exist, the text will not output to Orca or other Linux screen readers, so the linux version of the game is unfortunately inaccessible. Further episodes are being released successively, with Episodes one, two and three already out and ready to play and a final planned. Those who wish can buy a Season pass for 22 usd which will get you access to all current episodes, as well as future ones they come out.

While the game can be bought from several redistributors including Itch.ioo, Humblebundle and even for those who want it on the less than accessible Steam platform, Goodwolf studios have setup This accessible shop page to make purchase by VI visitors easier, they even occasionally run charity sales from that page too

If you find yourself getting stuck amidst the endless puzzles, forum member Mayana has put together several handy lists of help and tips, you can Download those here

With high quality dialogue and music, a gripping and horrific story, and extremely unique gameplay this one is highly recommended.

Happy hacking.


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