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Codename Cygnus

title:Codename Cygnus
download page:No link!
developer:Reactive studios inc
release:August 2013
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Welcome agent to Cygnus, an international organization of spies bent on taking out some of the most dangerous criminals known. You of course are a fully trained operative with a license to kill, a knack for being charming and a host of clever tricks up your sleeves, all of which you will need on your various missions.

Codename Cygnus is unique as far as gamebooks go, sinse rather than being an interactive textual story, it is an interactive radio drama. Choose what actions to take on your missions by deciding what sort of spy you will be, a cunning master of desception who takes advantage of anything in the environment, or an athlete who's quick reactions and devastating unarmed combat skills are equal to any task. Choose to be bold or subtle, and whether your spy prefers romantic encounters with dangerous men or ladies. In a similar fashion to some of the Choiceofgames titles, undertaking various tests will change your spy's initial characteristics, so it's a good idea to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, sinse failure and death is never far away, though note that unlike in an Audio adventure title, there is no need for complex puzzles, just decide on how you want the story to progress through your choices. . .

The game itself couldn't be more accessible. As an interactive audio drama naturally everything is sound, complete with very authentic music and a unique cast of characters. Every so often you will be asked to make a choice of actions. you can do this either by using vo to click on screen buttons, or (uniquely), by speaking the name of what choice you make out loud, athletic or clever, or bold or subtle. This speech control not only makes game access very easy, but also adds a rather engaging twist to things.

Outside the game itself, the menus where you can check your spies statistics and see what mission your on are standard stuff with Voiceover. The ap is free to download from the ap store, and you can play the initial prologue to the game comprising a rather dangerous hand of poker as many times as you like. The game then works by buying ongoing missions. The first mission is available for 5 usd, and involves several longer chapters as you take on the manic Neptune, a man who's love of the ocean has prompted him to take a number of diplomats hostage in a bombed building, ---- and yes, of course he has a shark tank.

Further missions and side quests are planned to appear in the future.

Though the gameplay is rather simple even in gamebook terms, the atmospheric sounds and audio and the ability to play through the various adventures several different ways make Codename Cygnus a lot of fun, especially for fans of all things espionage.

Of course there is a Codename Cygnus page on Applevis found here

And there is also a Podcast about the game found here which gives more of an idea what Cygnus is about.


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