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Cosmic rage

title:Cosmic rage
download page:No link!
developer:Nathan Tech
release:July 2016
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


In the 25th century, Humans have spread out to the stars and colonized many planets and space stations. Together with their allies The dragons, the hybrid human/dragon ryuchi, the shape shifting Mutariansi, the robotic cy-larken and the peaceful pauagiwa , mistakes of the past, such as land and air pollution are being rectified, and all seems bright. Unfortunately though, this brave new world comes with it's own dangers, from acid spewing ratica which can infest any spaceship, to several murderous alien races like the insectile Vacus, deadly droidics, deceitful Kaltz-baurgen and devastating Embahi.

The world of Cosmic rage is a unique, futuristic space based game rather different to other space muds out there. To begin with, you will choose the race of your character (each race coming with their own special abilities and history), and then start at level one on your character's homeworld. Unlike in other games however, you can't just buy a spaceship and go jetting off into thee unknown straight away, first you will need to raise your rank by performing planet based activities.

Speaking of activities, Cosmic rage features over 50 activities in game to try your hand at and earn credits and experience. To begin with you could try out hunting animals for meet with a spear, digging your way into the cones of volcanoes to extract valuable ores, or mining by hand or with a drone. Once you've mastered simple jobs, it's time to get technical with a range of vehicles. Buy a trash collecting truck and do your bit to keep planets clean, or dive into volcanoes in your own jet powered flying harvester (being careful to avoid eruptions of course). Later, you can buy yourself a speedboat, dredge rocks and debris from the worlds oceans, rescue drowning swimmers or add to science by analysing rocks and water. After this, why not try your hand at keeping the skies free of polluting gasses (provided you can steer around wind turbulence).

This however is just the start. When you get into space you will find yourself searching for valuable resources from debris clouds, asteroids, planetoids, and other celestial boddies, cleaning junk from planetary orbits or even undertaking the high speed, high risk chasing of comets, moons and eventually even extracting the cores of stars.

Of course, space is far from safe, the various unpleasant aliens are waiting behind the nearest asteroid, plus there is no guarantee that whatever planetoid you land on hasn't got unwelcome inhabitants, though again you can do your bit here by jumping to mission sectors to take on the enemy directly, or even join the battle on the front line with ground or air missions, or by constructing your own robotic megasuit.

For the more peacefully inclined, different planets offer different opportunities, why not try your hand at owning a farm on the snowy world of Tarania, or put those digging skills to the test with a little more finesse as an archaeologist.

For the cooperatively minded, severl activities, from mega suit piloting to component drilling can only be done as a team, and with a ship combat system where gunners, engineers and pilots can all play their part, having a crew on board to take on more dangerous missions not be such a bad idea, indeed ship combat in the game is more complex an interesting than in most other space muds and will take a deal of strategy.

Despite the huge range of activities, the attention to detail in Cosmic rage is extremely high, for example remember that before launching your ship you'll need heat shields set to the correct level for the planet's atmosphere, and even in space, beware of small dirt particles causing damage to your ship's hull or the gravitational pull of stars. This detail also affects two other major aspects of the game, crafting and roleplaying.

Though not highly inforced, if you want to try playing your character like a real person, customising their emotes, walk and other aspects, perhaps even getting a baby, droid sidekick or faithful pet, all of this is possible. The admins will even regularly run events just for the purpose of role playing, from enemy invasions to birthday parties to elections, and remember your always a citizen of the galaxy..

This also brings in one other major aspect of the game, crafting. To begin with you can make a wide variety of items, from spears, to clothes, quilts and even huts or houses, it's just necessary to find the materials. At level 200 you can buy a factory and then crafting begins in a major way, with your ability to build items in your factory or mine and acquire minerals and power with your ship, items with which you can also expand the factory by building extra rooms from cafes to airlocks or shops, perhaps even working your factory up to the size of an entire artificial planet if your careful enough with your resources and descriptive skills. You can also gather blueprints which you can use in your factory to build other items such as weapons and starship components too, at higher levels you can also colonise and manage your own moon base.

A recent edition to the game is the inclusion of clans for players to create or join. Clans can share blueprints, engage in clan wars, or indeed enter unmapped space and battle the various enemy races en mass for fame and glory.

The staff are always friendly and ready to answer questions, or take suggestions about how to improve the game, it's help files or the interface, plus you can always ask for assistance from players on the various channels, just be certain your using the channels correctly since discussing out of character matters on an in character channel (such as the in game chat), is not a good idea.

The game also features several extensive soundpacks to enhance your experience by providing sound along with the text, just type @soundpacks (don't forget the at sign), to get links to the latest locations of both official and unofficial in game soundpacks for the Vipmudd client, plus one pack for Mushclient.

Since one of the major developers is themselves a member of our forum, there are also no access issues in the game such as annoying ascii text or confusing map problems. Indeed several commands such as the "map" command can be used to find where your going, and lots of important in game information such as the locations of sites for doing activities like mining can be learned by using your informational computer. Combat in the game (especially compared to some other space muds), is highly possible, particularly since Cosmic rage is being built with the intention of working seamlessly with it's soundpacks.

Cosmic rage is completely free, however the staff do accept donations to help keep the server running. Donations can earn a host of items, from pets, to babies, to improvements in skills or the ability to avoid running into stars (a fairly serious hazard in your ship).

To get playing, point your favourite mud client to cosmicrage.nathantech.net, port 7777.

For more about the game, and the chance to vote or read reviews you can Visit the cosmic rage page on the mud connector site

Cosmic rage is a truly unique game. Even when it shares aspects with other space games, Cosmic rage always tends to put it's own spin on them, for instance while in several space muds you can salvage debris, Cosmic rage has the possibility of salvaging explosive devices which cause fires or acid spewing ratica, so you'd better be prepared. With close to 50 activities, staff who quickly respond to suggestions and improvements, and new aspects to the game being added continually, Cosmic rage might just be the space game your looking for, whether your a veteran space mudder or a new player.


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