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Crimson moon

title:Crimson moon
url:No link!
download page:No link!
developer:Crimson studios
platform:Online web browser
release:2003, Ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Crimson moon shut its doors in August of 2018, their website has disappeared and the game is no longer online. Whether it comes back we'll see.

Most people don't like the idea of dying, but in Crimson moon that is just the start. Join the ranks of the undead in the world of Malvania as either a vampire, wharewolf or hybrid, and begin your quest for supremacy and power.

Actions in the game are based on your character's energy, which refreshes every six hours, though unused energy can be put into the blood bank for use later. This energy can be used for various things throughout malvania from mountain climing contests to battling other players and mythical creatures, to mining, digging boddies out of the graveyard or taking a spin at the casino. Of course, as with many games of this type, much of crimson moon revolves around fighting other players, equipping weapons and using skills, not to mention engaging in clan rivalry and warfare.

For less warlike types, there are many quests and accomplishments to work on, from dayly quests such as killing a set number of creatures, or retrieving items from Malvania's outer area, to quests and accomplishments based on how many battles are engaged in or how much you've mined. Performing quests and accomplishments rewards you with several things including special currencies for upgrading weapons, or extra training sessions at the tooth and nale gym (in addition to those you get each day).

As well as watching your character's health in battles, you also occasionally need to eat, food being purchiced at either the Malvania diner or found on your exploration of the outer area.

Access wise, everything is very streight forward links and dropdowns. In particular the "fast clicker" combo dropdown box is useful for quickly getting to various areas of the game, also note that on the "my character page" are some lists of dayly accomplishments. though a number of in game notices and reminders exist to let you know what's going on when, you can customize the display of these in account settings.

The game is free to play, however vip status can be bought for crimson coins, (roughly 65 crimson coins a year), an in game currency available at a rate of 1 usd per crimson coin). Vip status offers various bennifits including more trains at the gym and faster advancement, but most noteably the ability to have your six hours of energy automatically added to your blood bank each day rather than losing it as happens normally. It also gets rid of the google adds at the bottom of the screen.

Vip status is available in other ways too, players can for example gain 7 days of Vip status just through completing the tutorial (which is highly comprehensive and definitely worth running through, just remember to click on the <<< to advance each step), and a further six days of Vip status can be had for completing all of the getting started accomplishments.

As well as Vip status, players can also buy a number of other bennifits, including extra trains, special equipment with unique stat gains and other items provided they have enough crimson coins.

While it seems on the surface crimson moon is a game setup especially for those who want a few quick dayly battles, there is actually more to do in the game, especially when getting into exploring the rather extensive outer area, so this might be worth a look even for those who're not pvp fans, though for anyone with a ruthless streak this could be the game for them.


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